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  • Dawn of the Emperors: Thyatis and Alphatia (Basic)

    Publisher: Wizards of the CoastThyatis. An empire run with military precision. An empire wherin fighting prowess is the most highly prized talent of all, and gladiatorial skill can lead to governmental status. Alphatia. An empire not so much run as allowed to exist by its aristocracy. An empire wherein magic use is the only talent that counts for anything, and lack of it can lead to a life of slavery. Product History Dawn of the Emperors: Thyatis and Alphatia (1989), by Aaron Allston, is a boxed set connected to the "GAZ" series of Gazetteers for the Known World. It was published in July 1989. Origins (I): Squaring the Known World. X1: "The Isle of Dread" (1981) introduced the Known World with a map that depicted lands from Glantri in the northwest to Ostland in the northeast, from Thyatis in the southeast to the Atruaghin clans in the southwest. These were the boundaries of the Basic D and amp;D setting. In later years, TSR slightly tightened their focus. By the time they produced GAZ9: "The Minrothad Guilds" (1988), they were now advertising a smaller square of land that only reached westward to Glantri and Ierendi and hellip; and this area was quickly filling. When TSR published GAZ12: "The Golden Khan of Ethenghar" (1989) there was only one corner of the square that was still unfilled: Thyatis. (The lands of Alphatia lay even further east.) Dawn of the Emperors: Thyatis and Alphatia reveals those final lands and mdash; though remarkably it does so without use of the "GAZ" prefix, despite the Gazetteer logo on the cover. This has disturbed many fans over the years. Some call it "GAZ0", others "GAZ15". Chronologically, it would have been "GAZ12.5". By detailing the final lands within the square of the Known World, Dawn of the Emperors: Thyatis and Alphatia feels like a natural ending point for the "GAZ" series. It was even by Aaron Allston, who'd gotten things started back in GAZ1: "The Grand Duchy of Karameikos" (1987). However, there would be two final hoorahs, with the Gazetteer series first going underground in GAZ13: "The Shadow Elves" (1990) and then detailing that missing peoples from the "Isle of Dread" map in GAZ14: "The Atruaghin Clans" (1991). Meanwhile, other Basic D and amp;D projects proliferated in 1989 and 1990, including the new "PC" (1989-1992) and "DDA" (1990-1991) series. They were likely intended as replacements, as the Gazetteer series sputtered out. Origins (II): A Campaign Set. When Aaron Allston received the Dawn of the Emperors project, it was called the "Thyatis and amp; Alphatia Campaign Set". This showed the intended scope of the new release: it wasn't going to be just another geographical supplement, but would instead form a foundation for Basic D and amp;D gaming. The supplement eventually picked up a proper name, "Twilight of the Empires", which TSR was advertising in 1988. Both of these early names had disappeared by the time the set was released as Dawn of the Emperors: Thyatis and Alphatia. About the Book. Following the trend of late Gazetteers, Dawn of the Emperors is split between GM and player information. However, it has a much larger scope thanks to its production as a boxed set. It contains a 128-page GM's guide, then a 32-page player's guide for each of Alphatia and Thyatis. Expanding Basic D and amp;D. As with all of the later Gazetteers, this one expands the Basic D and amp;D rules for character creation. That includes the return of the skill rules (of course) and the introduction of two Thyatis character classes: the forester (an elf for humans) and the rake (a thief for non-thieves). They're both powered down a bit from the base classes, with the forester missing demi-human abilities and the rake missing pick pockets and backstab. The Thyatis book also contains new rules for flying creatures, an optional system for armor that reduces damage, and some new rules for fighting; the Alphatia book includes new magic user spells and rules for magic item creation; and the DM's Book reprints the Sea Machine warfare system. The Sea Machine rules had originated in M1: "Into the Malestrom" (1985), while the magic item rules are derived from a system in GAZ6: "The Dwarves of Rockhome" (1988). One system that didn't make it into the rules: a set of "fencing rules for magic-user characters". Allston says that TSR didn't feel that it was appropriate to let magic-users fight with fencing weapons. Exploring the Known World. Dawn of the Emperors massively expands the Known World by detailing two empires. Allston was instructed to make Thyatis a country that specialized in the concerns of the fighter class, while Alphatia would be a magocracy. Thyatis had appeared on the edges of the Known World ever since X1: "The Isle of Dread" (1981). It had been mentioned in almost every Gazetteer and in some of the Companion adventures, beginning with CM1: "Test of the Warlords" (1984). It was even featured as a point of departure in X8: "Drums on Fire Mountain" (1984). However, it had never taken center stage before this boxed set. Like many countries of the Known World, Thyatis has a real-world analogue: Rome. To be precise, it combines characteristics of the classic Roman Empire, the Holy Roman Empire, and the Byzantine Empire. Thyatis also contains some tongue-in-cheek connections to the British Empire, including an air force called the "Retebius Air Fleet" (RAF). Alphatia had gotten a bit more attention in previous Known World adventures. That started with the "CM" adventures (1984-1987), most of which were set in Norwold, a land being colonized by Alphatia (in competition with Thyatis). However Alphatia really came center stage in the "M" adventures (1985-1987). M1: "Into the Maelstrom" (1985) revealed that Alphatia, a land of magicians, was itself colonized by people from another world(!). Dawn of the Emperors expanded on this earlier information and also better defined how the empire was different from the Known World's other magocracy, GAZ3: "The Principalities of Glantri" (1987). Whoops! Each of the player books features a color logo in the background of its pages, a common graphical element of the Gazetteer books. Unfortunately, they're reversed! That's the head of the Thyatis eagle in the Alphatia book and the head of the Alphatia sphinx in the Thyatis book. Future History. TSR gave a bit of attention to Thyatis in the first two "DDA" adventures, DDA1: "Arena of Thyatis" (1990) and DDA2: "Legions of Thyatis" (1990). About the Creators. Allston was the master of the Known World in the late '80s, having also authored GAZ1: "The Grand Duchy of Karameikos" (1987) and GAZ6: "The Dwarves of Rockhome" (1988). Next up would be the Hollow World Campaign Set (1990). About the Product Historian The history of this product was researched and written by Shannon Appelcline, the editor-in-chief of RPGnet and the author of and nbsp;Designers and amp; Dragons and nbsp;- a history of the roleplaying industry told one company at a time. Please feel free to mail corrections, comments, and additions to […]

  • Seventeen Feats

    Publisher: Dungeon Masters GuildHeroic Feats Ahead! Feats are more than skills; they are innate talents, gifts given by deities or fate itself, as much about what you are willing to do as they are about what you are able to do. Within this pamphlet, you will find seventeen new feats to improve and customize your characters, including new options for just about every class and playstyle. and nbs […]

  • CCC-BMG-30 Hill 2-3 The Red Death

    Publisher: Dungeon Masters GuildIt all comes out. The ones behind the mages and thieves guild being implicated in an assassination attempt of the Zulkir. All that and rsquo;s needed is a group of upstanding ne and rsquo;re do wells to help the First Lord deal with the situation. A four-hour CCC Adventurers League adventure for 5th - 10th level characters, brought to you by Baldman Games. […]

  • CCC-BMG-29 Hill 2-2 The Red Herring

    Publisher: Dungeon Masters GuildThe Mage and rsquo;s Guild has been implicated in a recent attack on a visiting dignitary from the Red Wizards. To what extent are they involved? Is there still a threat? The Mages have pledged their cooperation in your investigation, but are they sincere? Try to find the answers to these difficult questions and earn the respect of some powerful allies in the city of Hillsfar. A four-hour CCC Adventurers League adventure for 5th - 10th level characters, brought to you by Baldman Games. […]

  • Curse of Strahd: The Tome of Strahd with Cypher

    Publisher: Dungeon Masters GuildLike our popular and nbsp;Abbot's Journal, this excellent PDF will enhance your Curse of Strahd campaign with gorgeous visuals to explain and reinforce the storyline and imaginations of your players. The text here is picked up and adapted from the campaign book. A few things are explained a little differently but it's largely the same story exposition. I just felt a few lines needed a light tweak, just to make it unique and a little more powerful. There is a PRINTABLE Double-Sided version that fits on TWO sheets of paper. Print front to back. There's little that I can say that looking at the preview wouldn't accomplish better, so, please PAY WHAT YOU THINK THIS IS WORTH and have a great time sharing it with your players! And remember, check out my other numerous Curse of Strahd materials! BONUS!! I've cleaned up the art but added a CYPER PUZZLE!! Okay it's a very simple one. The numbers underneath the first "journal" page correspond to the Cypher Wheel on the last page. The PCs should start at the and Psi; and write the numbers in clockwise (why clockwise? because that's the way they're written on the first page, left to right of the symbol). You can use this cyper, with a Jester in it, for a message from Pidlwick, or possibly even Blinsky! AS ALWAYS, WE INCLUDE A LOW-INK B and amp;W VERSION for your convenience. […]

  • Fangs in the Night

    Publisher: Dungeon Masters GuildThe vampire is a very popular monster in fiction and they have a rich history within Dungeons and amp; Dragons. Fifth Edition has its own take on vampiric horror in the 2016 Curse of Strahd adventure path. This supplement seeks to give players and Dungeon Masters new options for exploring the world of the vampire in their own games. The Sire is a new Patron for the warlock class. It takes inspiration from other Otherworldly Patrons, such as The Undying and The Great Old One, in order to give the player the ability to play as a vampire that feels authentic without sacrificing the balance of the game. The dhampir is a race for players who want a touch of vampire flavour, but might not want it to dominate their character. and nbsp; Finally there are several magic items built with vampires in mind, be they players or enemies for the Dungeon Master to use against them. […]

  • Rats of Waterdeep

    Publisher: Dungeon Masters GuildSolve a brutal crime on the mean streets of Waterdeep in this madcap companion adventure for and nbsp;Xanathar's Guide to Everything! This adventure was brought to you by Tomb of Annihilation author Will Doyle and D and amp;D Adventurers League admin Lysa Chen, as part of the Guild Adepts program. The product also includes new player options and NPC villains for your campaigns. Inside, you'll find: and nbsp;A thrilling murder mystery balanced for five 1st-level characters, with guidelines for scaling the adventure up to APL 4. The adventure is playable in 4-6 hours. Two new NPC villains: the Rat King and the Plague Druid. Three new player options: the Detective background, the Rat King archetype for rangers, and the Circle of Plagues archetype for druids. and nbsp; Please note this product is not currently legal for play in the D and amp;D Adventurers League. and nbsp; Version 1 notes: Full color pdf provided. […]

  • Magicka Serrella - A Book of Magic

    Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild Magicka Serrella A Book of Magic Compiled by Federec Serrell of Timbertown in Impiltur, Magicka Serrella is one wizard's life work. It is a collection of spells and observations from a long and eventful adventuring career. Inside: More than 80 spells from 3e and 3.5e Forgotten Realms rulebooks converted and balanced to 5e Spells for all spellcasting classes, from cantrips to world-shaking 9th-level and nbsp; An undead monster never before seen in 5e! and nbsp; Interesting Forgotten Realms lore about wizards of long ago Get your copy of Magicka Serrella today! Magicka Serrella is the second in a series of products which convert magic items and spells from previous editions to the 5th edition of D and amp;D. The spells herein come from the 3e and 3.5e books "Unapproachable East," Player's Guide to Faer and ucirc;n," and "Forgotten Realms Campaign Guide." Other conversions include Bhargrack's Battlewear. R P Davis is a freelance writer, editor, and adventure designer. He's been a tabletop gamer the entire and nbsp;time he's been sentient, and a role-playing addict for more than 30 years. In that time he's written and nbsp;countless things, from simple spell effects to D and amp;D campaign worlds to complete role-playing games. and nbsp;He's written several Guild best-sellers. You can find his Guild titles here. and nbsp; Updates and amp; Fixes: Fixed cover size and layout issues (20 April 2018) Fixed header discrepancies (22 April 2018) […]

  • CCCHATMS01-01 Threatening Tides

    Publisher: Dungeon Masters GuildOn the eve of Shieldmeet, the sunken Isle of Maos rises from the depths of the Moonsea, only to return to the water with the rising of the sun. But this year, the island does not sink beneath the waves, and destruction follows in its wake. A drunkard named Will Brightsong is somehow connected, and the adventurers must keep him alive long enough to find out why! A 4-hour adventure for 5th-10th level characters Threatening Tides premiered at Holiday Around the Moonsea in November 2017. It is the first part of the Song of Maos trilogy. Maps for encounters and Adventurers League magic item certifications are included. Find the rest of the story here!Prophecy and rsquo;s PromiseDestiny Defied […]

  • Interesting Items of Questionable Quality - Volume One

    Publisher: Dungeon Masters GuildNot everything is as it seems... Contained in this download are a baker's dozen special treats for players and Dungeon Masters alike. These are gifts from the gods - trickster gods! - those who like a good prank. These thirteen items are designed to tickle the funny bone, to engage one's sense of humorous adventure, and maybe to add just a little bit of the unexpected into your campaigns. Wear the Pyrotechnic Periwinkle Pantaloons of Perjury, turn the Skeleton Key, and play the Epic Lute! Do you dare make use of them? Does your sense of adventure outweigh your common sense? If the answer is yes, then read on, my friend, and enjoy the bodacious bounty found within! […]