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  • AE01-01 Fired and Forgotten by Imogen Gingell

    Publisher: Dungeon Masters GuildTake a literal leap of faith into Sharn's industrial underworld. Will you fight for warforged rights? Jump into the first adventure of the and nbsp;Across Eberron: Convergence Manifesto and nbsp;adventure path with this introductory adventure for 1st level characters. Written for use with the and nbsp;Wayfinder's Guide to Eberron and nbsp;by Keith Baker. Across Eberron ( is an Eberron community project that aims to tell the stories and exploits of heroic characters in Eberron and introduce players--new and experienced--to the wonderful lore and rich history the setting has to offer. Players and Dungeon Masters are encouraged to use the Shared Campaign rules (Xanathar and rsquo;s Guide to Everything) to make an open and inclusive gaming experience for anyone to join, or to use the adventures as a kick-off to further games or campaigns! and nbsp;Edited by Wayne Chang, Laura Hirsbrunner, and Anthony Turco, along with executive producer Keith Baker. About the Author: and nbsp;Imogen Gingell is a professional space nerd by day, and RPG enthusiast by night. She began her journey into the worlds of D and amp;D in the late nineties, and found her creative stride with the release of the Eberron campaign setting. For three editions of the game she has been designing new content for her blog, The Dragon Above ( and the collected works in her Codex Siberys. Now she survives the urban sprawl from her little corner of London, England, practicing her art, writing, and game design. and nbsp; and nbs […]

  • School of Geometry

    Publisher: Dungeon Masters GuildThe Dragon Above presents and hellip; The School of Geometry This supplement introduces a new Arcane Tradition made with meticulous players in mind. A wizard who studies the School of Geometry, sometimes known as a Geometer, must create a graphical representation of all the spells they have prepared and all the cantrips they have learned. By exploiting the inherent connections and cycles between their spells, Geometers can learn to manipulate the way they express their arcana. This Tradition is ideal for wizard characters with an interest in mathematics or cartography. Be sure to pack your quill and ink! The School of Geometry and nbsp;began its life as playtest homebrew content on the "Dragon Above" tumblr blog. The Dragon Above started life in 2004 as the Eberron Bestiary, and has created hundreds of monsters and player options across 3.5 Edition, 4th Edition, and now 5th Edition D and amp;D. […]

  • Circle of the Haze: A Dank Druid Subclass

    Publisher: Dungeon Masters GuildDrop Out of Life and Become One with the Haze with this Dank Druid Subclass This product came out of a love of bands like Sleep, The Sword, and other hazy, riff-slinging groups. We had a lot of fun and more than a few laughs hashing these ideas out, and hope they bring you at least as much happiness. Thank you for supporting indie creators! "The Haze Druid is intended as a lighthearted subclass, but I thought the Haze and its abilities are quite innovative." - Christian Hoffer of What's Inside? A new lighthearted druid archetype that focuses on empowering their spells by using magical herbs. A printer-friendly version for easy reference at your table. […]

  • Creature Harvest Index - Monstrosities

    Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild"Magic has long been used to create. It is no surprise that beings with the ability to do so have used their powers to breathe life into strange creatures that don't seem naturally possible. I mean, come on- an and nbsp;owlbear?" - Magus Darion Forgana This product contains: and nbsp; * OVER 60 NEW ITEMS crafted from parts harvested from monstrosities, including weapons, poisons, potions, and more! * Information on hatching eggs and raising mounts! * Extended DCs for harvesting and crafting, and more detailed creature passages. And, what will be included in every one of the products so that you only have to purchase the creature index you want... Skinner's Tools! What are they, and how do you use them? How much chitin can I get off of a remorhaz and how can I turn it into armor? See the answers to these questions and more! If this product pleases you, let me know! And check back soon for Vol IV: Elementals! […]

  • DDAL00-08 Layers Upon Layers

    Publisher: Dungeon Masters GuildAt long last, the first of my Admin Only Adventures is up on the DM's Guild. I'm kicking it off with 2018's offering, DDAO-19 Layers Upon Layers! During the liberation of Szith Morcane, the factions found an unlikely friend in an agent of evil. Now, that alliance has been put to the test and mdash;and the factions are in search of souls brave (or foolish) enough to venture to the mysterious depths of the Feywild in order to uphold their end of the alliance! Grab your planar forks and mdash;there and rsquo;s adventuring to be done! A Four-Hour Adventure for 1st-10th Level Characters. === I'm considering some stretch goals here such as Bonus Objectives and a .mod file. Spread the word! Copper reached! Bonus Objective A added! Next Bonus Objective is added at Silver! === Adventure Change Log: v1.0: Releasev1.1: Fixed error with consumable magic items and trivial grammatical errorsBonus Objective A Change Log: v1.0: Releasev1.1: Grammar correctionsv1.2: Fixed error with consumable magic item […]

  • CCC-BMG MOON 2-1 Defenders of Caer Moray

    Publisher: Dungeon Masters GuildReturn to Where the Forgotten Realms Began! The Moonshae Isles, beautiful and dangerous, provide adventurers the opportunity to fight evil and mdash; and uncover ancient secrets and treasures. When a mysterious figure predicts a grave futurefor you, it triggers an Isles-spanning adventure full of intrigue, fun, and danger! MOON 2-1 Defenders of Caer Moray is our first full length adventure in our exciting new D and amp;D Adventurers League campaign and ndash; Rising Shadows. The most untamed of the Moonshaes, residents on Moray are accustomed to defending themselves. Recently something has stirred the dark forces that threaten the families of this strategically vital location. With every spare sword allocated to the homelands, who will answer their call for aid? A 4-Hour Adventure for 1st-4th Level Characters Interested in our campaign guide full of history, culture, player options, backgrounds, and some really sweet maps? and nbsp; We can do that and ndash; Moonshae Isles Regional Guide About Baldman Games Baldman Games are gamers, DMs, and writers, who love D and amp;D. We and rsquo;ve been running shows since 2001 starting with small regional shows in NE Ohio (All Americon and amp; MVC) and grew quickly to adding Origins in 2004 and Winter Fantasy/DDXP and amp; Gencon in 2005. We added organized play to our plate in 2011 with Ashes of Athas and ndash; our in-house Dark Sun campaign. In 2014 we added PAX Prime to our plate and have expanded upon that in 2015. And in 2018, we introduced Season of the Rising Shadows for the Adventurer and rsquo;s League, a series of adventurers set in the Moonshae Islands. […]

  • Mirrors of the Abyss

    Publisher: Dungeon Masters GuildIN VULGAREA YOU TRUST:"For untold eons, Eshebala ruled over Vulgarea, the 193rd Layer of the Abyss...content to revel in hedonism, corrupt the hearts of her dwindling followers and inflict petty cruelty. Yet, if there are days in the Abyss, there came one when she realized she despised her own province. She hated demonkind. She hated the Abyss. It had become unbearably tedious, spent...done. The burgeoning goddess decided she would dip her toe back into the lives of mortals, and quest to understand her own existence...But that was a lofty goal for a mind that had long ago begun to unravel. Instead...She is learning that all she has left is cruelty...and it was always cruelty that gave her power, so she now believes, to the woe of any who cross her path." Partly inspired by a scant notation by Carl Sargeant in 1992's TSR book Monster Mythology: "Eshebala is the foxwoman deity of vanity, charm, greed, and cunning. Her symbol is a female fox. Eshebala appears as a foxwoman, a shapely fur-covered female with a fox and rsquo;s head, or as a beautiful young elf maiden. She is bedecked in rich clothing and jewels, and carries a silver mirror. Eshebala and rsquo;s realm of Vulgarea can be found on the 193rd layer of the Abyss. She is wily and vain. She favors beautiful things and collects jewelry and art, the tackier and flashier the better. She prefers to overcome her opponents using subtlety rather than force, seducing and devouring out of boredom. She loves gossip, and always insists on being the center of attention. Eshebala is a patron of evil shapeshifters who use their wits and wiles before resorting to violence." Eshebala is a true chaotic evil demon goddess, behaving 100% true to form, and an extremely challenging opponent to take down for your players. An unforgettable 262 page jaunt for Levels: 15-17, with multiple possible modes of play, including Party Mode for up to 12 players. Profusely and paintstakingly illustrated over the course of several years by an award-winning professional illustrator. No stock illustration in this beast! A loving, dark and amp; insanely detailed exploration of the 193rd Abyssal Plane An exuberant nod to the most grueling, deadly dungeons ever created Rich encounters that play out in a unique way each time 100 + NEW CREATURES 200 + NEW TREASURES ( and amp; possibly the most illustrated treasury ever provided) 82 BOOKS for PCs to discover 70 + NEW SPELLS and amp; RITUALS, INCLUDING DETAILED OPTIONS FOR DEMON SUMMONING 50 + NEW TRAPS, HAZARDS and amp; EFFECTS (guaranteed to run amuck) 4 RANDOM TREASURE TABLES, including a TABLE OF GEMSTONES that would be useful in any campaign 2 NEW CLASS SHIFTS: the Demonologist and amp; the Exorcist! PREVIEWS: […]

  • Weird Stuff I Found On The Dungeon Floor: A Guide to Unique Magical Items and Their Construction

    Publisher: Dungeon Masters GuildYou're stalking through the dungeon, flickering torchlight casting long shadows on the walls. You enter the main chamber, stepping past the slain beast. Before you lies a hoard of treasure! There are gems, blades and suits of enchanted armor. As your fingers toss through the goods, it starts to get strange. You find a pendant with a screaming mouth, a dinner plate and a CHICKEN?! That sure was some Weird Stuff I Found On the Dungeon Floor! - Features - Boost, Balance and Break - An intuitive system to help you craft magic items tailored to your party's needs. Feel Epic - Guidance on making magic items feel special in your narrative, weaving them into your story. Ultimate Power - A new artifact and direction to create world-changing magic items of your own. 100 Magic Items - New and unique low-level magic items for a variety of different party types. Picture It - Original item illustrations by DM's Guild supernova Ashley May. - Critical Acclaim - "Weird Stuff I Found on the Dungeon Floor is a useful instructional supplement perfect for both beginning and intermediate DMs. If you want to enhance your DMing abilities, pick up this supplement today." and nbsp; ~ Christian Hoffer, […]

  • Encyclopaedia Formulae Arcana - A

    Publisher: Dungeon Masters GuildUPDATED 12 FEBRUARY 2019 WITH MORE THAN 75 MORE SPELLS! NOW MORE THAN 200 SPELLS! Did you ever wonder, "What happened to that spell I used to use all the time in our 3rd Edition game?" You look through your 5e Player's Handbook. Not there. You look through your other 5e books. Nope. Not there either. Look no more! Coming over the course of 2019 and mdash;and possibly 2020 and mdash;is and nbsp; This just in from -- "This is an insanely impressive document...a must have" What is this, anyway? This is the first installment of a series of books which converts every spell we can find from 1st, 2nd, and 3.x editions, updates and prepares them for use in your 5th Edition game. Are the spells ready for play? Painstaking effort has been taken to balance each spell for 5th Edition play. The last thing any table needs is overpowered and mdash;or underpowered and mdash;magic. What sources were used? It's easier to tell you what didn't find its way into these books. If a spell isn't in here, it's because it's a spell already released in an official 5e hardback and nbsp; and nbsp; and nbsp; and nbsp; and nbsp; which duplicates a 5e class/subclass abilities which has no mechanical impact in 5e, such as those which target alignment which deal damage not encompassed by 5e's design, such as those impacting ability scores from Dragon Magazine (because I don't have a complete collection) This is the first volume. More than 200 spells beginning with "A"! Periodically over the coming months, look for other entries in the Encyclopaedia. We're shooting for a frequency of 1 volume per month, depending on how many emails we get telling us about a spell we omitted from a previous edition. There's a link at the author's website where you can sign up for an email list to keep informed. Also comes with a PRINT FRIENDLY copy in Microsoft Word so you can copy and paste the text into the spell-card generator or fillable PDF of your choice, giving you flexibility at the game table! Here's a preview of the spell lists (click to open large view in a new window/tab): and nbsp; and nbsp; and nbsp; Also by R P Davis: and nbsp; and nbsp; and nbsp; and nbsp; and nbsp; and nbsp; and nbsp; and nbsp; ABOUT THE AUTHOR R P Davis is a freelance writer, editor, and and nbsp;adventure designer. He and rsquo;s been a tabletop gamer the and nbsp;entire time he and rsquo;s been sentient, and a role-playing and nbsp;addict for more than 30 years. In that time he and rsquo;s and nbsp;written countless things, from simple spell effects and nbsp;to D and amp;D; campaign worlds to complete role-playing and nbsp;games. He is now a Mithral-best selling Guild creator. and nbsp; You can find R P Davis at and nbsp;The DM and rsquo;s Guild, his and nbsp;website, on Twitter, and on Facebook. […]

  • The Barchoba, Celestial Familiar and Magical Item

    Publisher: Dungeon Masters GuildIntroducing the Barchoba, a divine celestial familiar! This 3 page PDF contains everything you need to recruit this fuzzball as your new dedicated familiar. This PDF includes:- Barchoba monster stats and abilities- Special Barchoba familiar variant perks- The War Mage's Vengence magic weapon […]