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  • Character Magic Item Tables - Random Tables

    Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild$1 .00 until March 6th (then $1.95). All tables visible in the preview Random tables focused towards characters. Whether creating higher-level characters, stocking adventures as a Dungeon Master or planning your character long-term. d20 tables for the 12 core character classes and 14 other magic item tables for different character themes. Includes... Universal Items (protection and defense, utility, travel) Warriors and Weapons (might warriors, agile warriors, magic weapons, weapon types - standard and dex-based) Sneaking, Exploring and Nature (stealth and amp; espionage, exploration, nature and amp; elemental) Spellcasters, Summons and Weird Items (spellcasters, summoned creatures, weird and unusual) One-Use Items (potions, other one use) By Character Class (barbarian, bard, cleric, druid, fighter, monk, paladin, ranger, rogue, sorcerer, warlock, wizard) Also of interest might be the Nonhuman characters bundle, Pets and amp; Companions or Non-Combat Creature Encounters Find me on Instagram: rpg_generators or Twitter: @DuncanThom

  • Master of None: Multiclassing Variants and Roleplay Suggestions

    Publisher: Dungeon Masters GuildMaster of None is the fastest way to and nbsp;meaningful multiclassing. and nbsp;If you've ever wanted to to have roleplaying and narrative reasons for multiclassing, we've got you covered. We also provide 4 new ways of multiclassing, when the traditional way just doesn't do it for you.This product includes: - A history of multiclassing in D and amp;D - A randomized 1d6 table for each of the 12 original classes to help decide how your character chose that class! - Unique multiclass, roleplaying features for each combination of the 12 original classes. - A "Character Quiz" to decide how your character should multiclass based on their actions. - Rules for balancing traditional Gestalt characters, and new variations on Gestalt. - A feature swapping feature, where you can switch one class feature for another without giving up valuable capstone abilities. - A completely modular, point buy system of class building. What to build a new feature from each of the 12 classes each time you level? Now you can!For $3 off the price, click here!

  • Scientific Secrets of Saltmarsh

    Publisher: Dungeon Masters GuildScientific Secrets of Saltmarsh This bestiary was created by a talented team of scientists, researchers, and amp; environmentalists who were inspired by scientific literature to create original monsters that can dropped right into your and nbsp;Ghosts of Saltmarsh campaign or any other aquatic adventure. Each monster is inspired by a fusion of folklore and amp; science and will bring a fresh and amp; engaging new encounter to your table! This bestiary includes: 37 new stat blocks for aquatic monsters (CR 0-14) Lore and amp; descriptions for each monster Art for each monster, including original art from Erin Anderson A table sorting the monsters by CR New random encounter tables for and nbsp;Ghosts of Saltmarsh APA 6th Edition citations for the scientific literature that inspired each monster

  • Politics of the Talenta Plains

    Publisher: Dungeon Masters GuildThis to-the-point supplement expands on the internal politics of the Talenta Plains, a nation in the and nbsp;Eberron and nbsp;campaign setting. Topics include the tribes, the crossroads of factions that cross the plains, and the environment. The Politics series consolidates and expands upon the canonical information from Eberron sourcebooks. A few changes have been made to cohere with the author's personal view of the setting, influenced by the writings of Keith Baker, discussions in online Eberron communities, and personal biases. A completely free version with the "Sample File" watermark is available for your use via the Full Size Preview as an alternative to this title being PWYW.

  • La Tana del Cerbero – La Fucina di Torkhund

    Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild La Tana del Cerbero La Fucina di Torkhund 100 nuovi oggetti magici non comuni e rari, prodotti dal fabbro Torkhund nella fucina della Tana del Cerbero, permetteranno ai temerari di superare le sfide che dovranno affrontare nelle proprie avventure. La Tana del Cerbero and egrave; un emporio molto particolare, gestito da tre bizzarri commercianti: Torkhund il fabbro, Chivas Regal l and rsquo;inventore e Adohorn l and rsquo;incantatore. In questo primo volume troverete una selezione di 100 oggetti magici, non comuni e rari, forgiati tra l and rsquo;incudine ed il martello di Torkhund Thunderhammer. All and rsquo;interno delle 21 pagine di questo compendio troverete:- 4 Anelli- 10 Armature- 4 Scudi- 10 Armi- 4 Bacchette- 10 Munizioni- 10 Pozioni- 5 Abiti e Vesti- 4 Paia di Stivali- 3 Cinture- 3 Mantelli- 3 Paia di Guanti- 3 Strumenti Musicali- 3 Amuleti- 4 Spille- 3 Diademi- 4 Bracciali- 2 Borse- 1 Corno- 4 Occhiali o Monocoli- 3 Pipe- 3 Copricapi Per un totale di 100 oggetti magici sempre a portata di click grazie ai segnalibri e al comodissimo indice, completo di collegamenti ipertestuali.

  • Enhanced Demons – an Eventyr Games Compendium

    Publisher: Dungeon Masters GuildEnhanced Demons and ndash; an Eventyr Games Compendium Demons. and nbsp;Destruction incarnate. Chaos and slaughter manifest. From the pitiful mane to the mighty balor, the abyss spawns a host of fearsome enemies to throw at your party. Many of these creature offer interesting action choices and tactical puzzles, although some seem to specialize only in mindless slaughter. In this compendium, we take a look at all the demons presented in the and nbsp;Monster Manual, assessing their strong points and shortcomings before enhancing them with alternate features. The point is not to make the demons more powerful, but to make them more exciting. We won and rsquo;t increase their hit points, AC, or damage output, but aim to instead give them new viable options in combat. Additionally, most spells and options are included directly in the statblocks, so that your demons gain more complexity, while still being easy to run at the table. Within are enhanced versions of these classic demons from the Monster Manual: Manes Dretch Quasit Shadow Demon Barlgura Chasme Vrock Hezrou Glabrezu Yochlol Nalfeshnee Marilith Goristro Balor Previews: Eventyr Games Like this product or have a question? Leave a comment, rating or a review, and let us know what you think! Also, check out our other products: Our DM's Resources for official D and amp;D Campaigns (click bundles to see individual products) Compendiums, Rules and amp; Player Options Adventures

  • DDAL00-12 Infernal Encounters

    Publisher: Dungeon Masters GuildWELCOME TO THE NINE HELLS! STAY FOR A WHILE WITH THIS COMPANION SUPPLEMENT FOR BALDUR and rsquo;S GATE: DESCENT INTO AVERNUS and trade;! The D and amp;D Adventurer and rsquo;s League Admins bring you a wealth of fun to add to your DDAL and home games. In this supplement you will find: Over 70 random encounters across all nine layers of the Hells for use in expanding any adventure that takes place in the Nine Hells. and nbsp; Random fiend generation tables for names, descriptions, and quirks to add make your Infernal NPCs unique. Additional rules adding driving stunts for your infernal war machines that give everyone something to do during a chase. A new infernal war machine more suited to frozen landscapes of Stygia and Cania. Four short adventures that expand the random encounters included within and meant to be inserted directly into your Descent or Pipyap games, but also available to be played separately with the season 0 designation: DDAL00-12a Bad Seed (levels 1-4) takes you to an Infernal Brewery in the city of Dis in search of a son gone bad. DDAL00-12b A Helpful Distraction (levels 5-10) begins with the followers of Bahamut and rsquo;s Court wanting to sneak into the Tower of Scales to learn what the Dragon Queen and rsquo;s followers are up to in Avernus. You are the distraction. DDAL00-12c The Soft Touch (levels 11-16) occurs in the city of Grenpoli on Maladomini where a powerful ward prevents all violence. How will you retrieve a stolen item from a powerful fiend if you can and rsquo;t fight them? DDAL00-12d The Devil and rsquo;s Song (levels 17-20) entwines you in Nessian politics when a erinyes rises above her station to become a unique fiend with her own infernal night club.

  • Uncaged | Volume IV

    Publisher: Dungeon Masters GuildThe final volume in the bestselling, critically acclaimed series Every creature in the multiverse has a story to tell and mdash; even the monsters. Uncaged and nbsp;is a collection of myth- and folklore-themed adventures written for and nbsp;Dungeons and amp; Dragons and nbsp;5th Edition. Each original adventure subverts tropes around a female mythological creature or monster including hags, harpies, medusas, and much, much more. and nbsp; Volume IV is available as both a digital file with a hardcover print version. and nbsp; The digital edition of Volume IV includes: Full-color, 218-page bookmarked, tagged PDF ZIP file with printer-friendly versions of the modules Volume IV 16 original adventures for tiers 1-3. Each adventure features a creature, monster, or character from folklore, fairytales, myths, and legends. Cover art by Samantha Darcy. Featuring work by: Aaron King Ally Sulentic Alison Huang Anthony Alipio Anthony Beal Asa Wheatley Awkward Bard Bianca Bickford Cameron Blair Caroline Amaba Collette Quach Colleen Taylor Connor Land David Markiwsky D.W. Dagon Elise Cretel Emily Harmon Gwendy Bee Jamie O'Duibhir Jennifer Peig Jessica Marcrum Jesse Jordan Jo Kreil Johanna Taylor Johnny Caputo Judy Black Kayla Cline KC Shi Lauren Dunson Liz Gist Luciella Elisabeth Scarlett Margaret Mae Matthew Moynihan Maxine Henry Megan Irving Mellanie Black Phil Allison Samantha Darcy Sam Mannell Sarah Gray Harker S.L. Parker TK Johnson Wouter Florusse Xan Larson Yubi Introducing: The Uncaged Grimoire! An original Uncaged class New character options New magical items New spells and amp; more! Plus: The Making of the Uncaged Anthology Content warnings for the adventures in this volume (these are also included before the relevant adventures in the volume): Alcohol and alcohol consumption, blood, colonization, child abuse, dysphoria, fantastical racism and possible mob violence, kidnapping and abduction, nudity, murder, violence against women/ Follow #UncagedAnthology on social media for updates and announcements! For questions/media inquiries, email Complete your collection! Volumes I, II, and III Available Now!

  • The Blood Hunter

    Publisher: Dungeon Masters GuildA TWO-HOUR BLOOD HUNTER ADVENTURE FOR ONE DM and amp; ONE PLAYER (Click on and ldquo;Full-size Preview and rdquo; to view the entire product before purchasing. I am confident you will love what you see, and I appreciate your support!) and nbsp; and ldquo;You are a Blood Hunter, feared by even the most vile monstrosities throughout Faerun. Commoners shut their windows and lock their doors as you approach, and small children cry at the sight of your unnatural demeanor. Such is the burden of life as a Blood Hunter. and rdquo; Experience this epic adventure built entirely around Matthew Mercer and rsquo;s Blood Hunter class, inspired by Andrzej Sapkowski and rsquo;s book series, The Witcher, and beautifully illustrated by Gordon McAlpin! Sit down with a friend and play a 5th-level Blood Hunter on a quest to maintain and ldquo;The Balance. and rdquo; Revisit Phandalin post-Lost Mines of Phandelver and aid the town by hunting down menacing werewolf. Interact with unique NPC and rsquo;s and a world built exclusively for one-player to foster total immersion. Musical scores are included throughout the adventure and linked to Spotify to allow Dungeon Master and rsquo;s single click access to music that creates a living atmosphere. Inside this product you'll find newly designed Blood Hunter mechanics to craft concoctions. Blood Hunters utilize hemocraft and corrupted alchemy to harness the essence of their slain enemies in concoctions that modify their capabilities in battle. These concoctions only work on those who have undergone the process of the Hunter and rsquo;s Bane. This adventure includes 14 concoction crafting recipes! I hope you enjoy this truly one of a kind adventure. Please take a moment to rate, review, and share this product; if it does well I plan on making a follow-on adventure.

  • Encounters in the Savage Underdark

    Publisher: Dungeon Masters GuildOther Savage Encounters products: and nbsp; and nbsp; Encounters in the Savage and nbsp;Underdark is a 150-page supplement containing mini-adventures, NPCs, locations, and magic items. In all, the writers have produced and nbsp;24 unique encounters, NPCs, and locations for you to add to any subterranean campaign. We and rsquo;ve even included scaling suggestions so they can be used with different party levels. Visit Annarei's Garden Encounter an insane aboleth Interact with traveling merchants Attend the Fire Fest Perform an Underdark heist and so much more.... Includes downloadable files for most of the maps used. and nbsp; and nbsp; and nbsp; and nbsp;