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  • Juiblexian Race - Slimes Just Want to Adventure

    Publisher: Dungeon Masters GuildBehold the Juiblexian, a race of sentient oozes inspired your favorite oozes and slimes such as gelatinous cubes, black puddings, the oblex (Mordenkainen's Tome of Foes), and even living spells from and nbsp;Eberron. and nbsp; You get and nbsp;three subraces and and nbsp;four racial feats: and nbsp; Corrosive - inspired by gelatinous cubes, this juiblexian is cursed to dissolve matter Blasphemy - inspired by living spells (which are oozes) from Eberron, these elementally charged oozes seek to devour all energy in the cosmos Mnemonic and nbsp;- inspired by the oblex and other similar sentient slimes, these consume personalities and minds and amp; mimic humanoids the best Whether as a part of some demonic design from their namesake, the demon lord Juiblex, or some great evolutionary design, the juiblexians gained sentience. From there, they seek to follow their destiny or heed the call of their inner natures. They will strive to understand their surroundings, just like their primal nature, they will consume every new experience to grow further than their mindless cousins. and nbsp; Check out my other content on the DMsGuild! Class and amp; Character Options: and nbsp; and nbsp; and nbsp; Adventures Modules: and nbsp; and nbsp; Other D and amp;D Supplements: and nbs […]

  • Restful Roles

    Publisher: Dungeon Masters GuildRestful Roles Have you ever wanted to do more with your skills and tools? Do you want to do more while camping with your allies? Look no further, Restful Roles offers a whole new dynamic to Dungeons and Dragons. Now you can take on 1 of the 49 Roles for your party such as Cook, Scout or Armour. At higher levels you can combine two Roles to perform incredible feats like crafting mechanical or magical arrows, teaching your allies a small amount of magic or even upgrading your vehicles. With over 100 options available in the Combined Roles section, you and rsquo;ll find plenty of new fun ways to enjoy D and amp;D. Check out my other content! Classes: and nbsp; and nbsp; and nbsp; Sub Classes: and nbsp; and nbsp; and nbsp; and nbsp; and nbsp; Races: […]

  • 20d8 Ways to Modify Monsters

    Publisher: Dungeon Masters GuildThere are many reasons to change the creatures in the Monster Manual to fit the needs of your game. Maybe your players know the monsters in the game too well and you want to surprise them. Maybe you want to add some flavour to your next boss monster to make the encounter memorable. Maybe the monsters of 5th edition Dungeons and amp; Dragons are just too simple and boring for you as an experienced DM.This document provides a system to modify your monsters based on easy-to-use rollable tables. If you want more interesting encounters without tedious design work, this is the tool for you. […]

  • Heroes of Baldur's Gate (5e)

    Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild From James Ohlen, the lead designer of Baldur's Gate I and amp; II... Sinister forces are moving against the city of Baldur and rsquo;s Gate in this adventure book for Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition! Full-color, 160-page adventure book Digital version includes printer-friendly PDFs Includes illustrations and statistics for 15 legendary heroes and villains! This adventure will take a party of 4-6 heroes from 1st and nbsp;to 6th and nbsp;level. The city of Baldur and rsquo;s Gate is the pride of West Faer and ucirc;n and mdash;a mercantile stronghold ruled by the famous Grand Dukes. One year ago, a powerful merchant leader named Sarevok nearly catapulted the city into war with the neighboring nation of Amn. This crisis was averted, and the remnants of the organization were scattered throughout the Sword Coast. Now, the city is threatened from within by agents of the nefarious Zhentarim, who seek to fill the power vacuum left behind in the wake of these events. Meanwhile, the Shadow Druids plot to destroy the city by performing terrible rituals, deep within the Cloakwood. Who will rise to oppose them? Epic Backgrounds. and nbsp;Choose from one of four epic backgrounds to equip your character with strong motivations in the story. Meet your unique goals to unlock new powers! Legendary Companions. and nbsp;Join together with the legends of the Sword Coast to thwart the forces of evil. Features statistics and illustrations for 14 familiar heroes and villains and mdash;Minsc, Jaheira, Imoen, Edwin, Viconia, and more! Sword Coast Campaign Guide. and nbsp;Features 8 unique monsters and magic items. Includes extensive maps for Baldur and rsquo;s Gate and the surrounding regions of the Sword Coast. Explore the city to discover new adventure hooks, and continue the story with your own epic campaign! […]

  • The Creature Compendium of Ravnica

    Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild Unleash a Horde of Ravnica Creatures on Your Players! The Creature Compendium of Ravnica is loaded with monsters inspired by cards from and nbsp;Magic the Gathering. This book pairs perfectly with and nbsp;Guildmaster's Guide to Ravnica. It is the essential tool for any Dungeon Master running their campaign set in the City of Guilds. and nbsp; Inside you will find over 90 unique monsters to throw at your players such as: Nicol Bolas, Chandra Nalaar, the Humongulus and other creatures inspired by the cards. and nbsp; and nbsp; and nbsp; and nbsp; and nbsp; "This supplement features roughly 94 creatures based on creatures from Magic: The Gathering that would do well in the City of Guilds. Some creatures of note include guildmages for each guild, Chandra Nalaar, and even Nicol Bolas. Willett even went the extra mile and gave a small blurb after each stat block to give a bit more description about the different creatures and their lore." and nbsp; "If you're using the and nbsp;Guildmaster's Guide to Ravnica and nbsp;to run a and nbsp;Dungeons and amp; Dragons and nbsp;game in the world of Ravnica, you may want to check out this new supplement." "The book is a fantastic compendium of monsters that is a must-have for any DM running a campaign in Ravnica, or wants to add a few more strange monsters to their back pocket." and nbs […]

  • Bounty of the Month: Golden Widow

    Publisher: Dungeon Masters GuildA 5e bounty quest for players. Great as an introductory adventure, side quest, filler episode, or one-shot adventure all done in a printer-friendly old school style. and nbsp; The Golden Widow is a drow priestess who has come to the surface to spread chaos! Can your players find her and put an end to her evil deeds before it is too late? Bounty of the Month includes 1 villain or monster for the players to do battle with. Minions for players to outsmart Magic loot for players to win A Lair with a DM map and a Player map Player Map printable and scaled for Roll20 70px grid […]

  • Deck of Many Horrors

    Publisher: Dungeon Masters GuildDeck of Many Horrors introduces a new way to use the tarokka deck (or a deck of regular playing cards, if you don and rsquo;t have one) by providing you with a collection of events, encounters, NPCs, and items optimized for spontaneously generating new situations to invigorate your game. You can use Deck of Many Horrors to spice up a session at any time with a simple draw of a card. Each outcome is designed to bring dread or excitement to your game. As such, Deck of Many Horrors is best suited for Ravenloft games, but can be used in any horror campaign. What you get: 57 unique events or encounters 11 original monsters and NPCs 5 new magic items A new 8th-level spell Original illustrations by talented artists A quick guide to using playing cards rather than a tarokka deck Other works by Dark Dawn Games: […]

  • 100 Items For Sale In A Fantasy Black Market

    Publisher: Dungeon Masters GuildOne hundred strange and cursed items that you can only find in a black market. […]

  • I Had To Go Because...

    Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild"Sorry, I can't make it this week!" It can be hard to get all of your players together at the same time and place. and nbsp; When other obligations pull a player away from your table, but the rest of the party doesn't want to pause the game for weeks or even months, what's a DM to do? and nbsp; Kill off their character? and nbsp; Relegate them to NPC status? and nbsp; No! and nbsp; "I Had To Go Because..." is filled with over 180 in-character "excuses" for why an adventurer needs to take leave of the party. Inside these pages you will find... d8 charts organized by Background, so that ghosts from an adventurer's past can come back to haunt them. Options that are pressing but not life-threatening, so the party won't feel obligated to tag along. Advice on reintroducing characters who've grown and benefited from an extended absense, and bring new boons to the party, rather than getting left in the dust. "The neat thing about I Had to Go Because is that most of the explanations can be spun into one-shot adventures or story hooks that allow a character's story to continue even when the player isn't at the table." and nbsp;~ Christian Hoffer, and nbsp;★★★★★ "As a DM there's nothing worse than having to come up with reasons that some players are missing. and nbsp; As a player, throwing one of these ideas at your DM saves them a huge headache and shows that you take the game seriously enough to think about that. and nbsp; Either way, it's a good purchase." ~ Bryan H. and nbsp;★★★★★ […]

  • Artifacts of the Guild

    Publisher: Dungeon Masters GuildAdd 260 new magic items into your Dungeons and amp; Dragons 5e game, including 10 all-new Artifacts! Artifacts of the Guild is a DMs Guild community project that gives you more magic items to use at your table. From minor trinkets to ancient relics, these items will enthrall your players, power up your NPCs, and inspire your campaigns. Written by 58 of the Guild's most talented and exciting creators, this book instantly provides you with more heroic magic items, suitable to fill a treasure chest of any size. From a sunken shipwreck to a dragon and rsquo;s hoard, these items will fit perfectly into any fantasy campaign. Inside the book you will find: 10 incredible artifacts, including the Blades of the Archrogue, the Sanguine Shield, and the Staff of Tiamat 30 legendary items, such as Baldur and rsquo;s Gatehouse, Gruumsh and rsquo;s Blessing, and the Heart of Hydrathis More than 50 very rare items, like the Black Blade of Vartigan, the Gift of Graz and rsquo;zt, and the Tome of the White Hand More than 70 rare items, including the Airstep Shroud, the Fey-Touched Summoning Egg, and the Sky Piercer Plus almost 100 more! Project Lead: Emmet Byrne Design and Layout: Emmet Byrne and amp; Alan Tucker Item Creators: A D Pancyrev, Alan Tucker, Alex Clippinger, Andrew Cawood, Andrew Clissold, Andrew Morley, Andy Dodds, Ashley Warren, Bayley Gillier, Benjamin Huffman, CD Flanigan, Chris Bissette, Christian Eichhorn, David Adams, Drill Soul Gaming, Dungeon Rollers, Emmet Byrne, Federico Gavioli, Florian Emmerich and amp; JVC Parry, FreshRad Games, George Komis, Glen Cooper, Harrison Swift, Jack C. Fejer, Jacky Leung, James Introcaso, Jason Bakos, Jeff C. Stevens, Jess Harding, Jill Poisson, Joe Raso, John Huser, Justyn Johnston, JVC Parry, Krish, Larry Hawley, Matt Sanders, Matthew Butler, mazzmatazz, Micah Watt, Michael Lippert, Michael Proteau, Molly Meadows, Mr. Tarrasque, Oliver Clegg, Outlandish Adventure Productions, Phil Beckwith (P.B. Publishing), Phillip O'Brien, Quintessential Gaming, R P Davis, Rafael Martins, Richard Malena-Webber, SG Tillings, Stuart Kehoe, Terry Herc, Tony Petrecca, Wizards Familiar (James Baxter), Zargo Games Art: Fezbra, Dean Spencer, Nathana and euml;l and ldquo;Barkles and rdquo; Roux, Jason Bakos, Daniel F. Walthall, Jacob Blackmon, Alan Tucker, and licensed and modified stock art from,, Publisher and rsquo;s Choice Quality Stock Art and copy; Rick Hershey/Fat Goblin Games, and DMsGuild Community Resources Editing: Emmet Byrne, Terry Herc, TK Johnson, Justyn Johnston, Alan Tucker Coming soon! Available as print-on-demand! This project will soon be available in print-on-demand. If you purchase this item prior to the print edition being made available, you will receive a discount code on the future print release. IMPORTANT! You must opt in to email from DMs Guild to recieve your discount code. This can be adjusted in your account preferences. and nbsp; and nbsp; and nbsp; and nbsp; and nbsp; and nbsp; and nbsp; and nbsp; and nbsp; and nbs […]