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  • DotMM Companion 12: The Maze Level

    Publisher: Dungeon Masters GuildThe DotMM Companion boogies on down to Level 12, the Maze Level and mdash;seat of House Freth's power in Undermountain. In this supplement, comedy abounds in an otherwise boring level as a simulacrum of Halaster Blackcloak has been captured and forced into an arranged marriage with the very pregnant Lady Erelal Freth. This supplement includes: DM Notes. Notes including but not limited to spicing up the dungeon crawl with valuable roleplay with select NPCs. Halaster* Gets Hitched. Erelal Freth has captured Halaster Blackcloak and mdash;or, rather, his simulacrum. This poor shadow of the Mad Mage, "Sim," must turn to the adventurers if he wants to avoid a near-eternity as Erelal's awfully-wedded husband! Areas of Note. Notes, room descriptions, scenes, and scripts for the various areas of the dungeon. Magic Item Descriptions. and nbsp;Save yourself the time of digging through the Dungeon Master's Guide to determine how the few magic items on this floor work. The appendix also lists the area the item is found. Monster Stats for all unique NPCs used on this level. If you enjoy this campaign aid, check out my other work here on DMs Guild and follow me on Twitter (@Wyatt_Trull). Waterdeep: Dungeon of the Mad Mage and nbsp; Player Options and amp; Encounters Curse of Strahd and nbsp; and nbsp; Waterdeep: Dragon Heist […]

  • Call from the Deep

    Publisher: Dungeon Masters GuildAssault from the Astral After crash-landing onto the Material Plane, a strange, otherworldly ship brings with it an unexpected wave of piracy, hideous creatures from the bottom of the Trackless Sea, and a notorious foe who has been awakened from the deep, intent on destroying the world as you know it. The adventurers must set sail along the Sword Coast, fending off the pirate attacks while putting together the fractured puzzle that will reveal the true villain. A Dungeons and amp; Dragons 5th Edition Campaign for characters from 1st - 12th level. New MonstersNew Magic ItemsNew Player OptionsCustom Art and amp; Maps Twitter: @jvcparryFacebook: JVC ParryBlog: JVCParry.comPatreon: JVC ParryTwitch: and nbsp; and nbsp; and nbsp; and nbsp; and nbsp; and nbsp; and nbsp; and nbsp; and nbsp; and nbsp; and nbsp; and nbsp; and nbsp; and nbsp; and nbsp; and nbsp; and nbsp; and nbsp; and nbsp; and nbsp; and nbsp; and nbsp; and nbsp; and nbsp; and nbsp; and nbsp; and nbsp; and nbsp; and nbsp; and nbsp; and nbsp; and nbsp; and nbsp; and nbsp; and nbsp; and nbsp; and nbsp; and nbsp; and nbsp; and nbsp; and nbsp; and nbsp; and nbsp; and nbsp; and nbs […]

  • Drizzt Do'Urden's Guide to Combat

    Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild"This is an immensely useful book, full of tips and techniques to make combat special. Highly recommended." and nbsp; and mdash; R. P. Davis "If you are already a DM and you haven and rsquo;t read that [the Dungeon Master's Guide], you and rsquo;re doing yourself, and your table, a disservice. Your next step is pick up this book by Darrin Scott and read it closely. You and rsquo;ll be glad you did!" and nbsp; and mdash; NonZeroSumGames (check out the full review here) Drizzt Do and rsquo;Urden and rsquo;s Guide to Combat is a resource to help you run the most fun combats you ever have, no matter your DMing style. It is the distillation of knowledge from the masters of the hobby (listed in the credits page) as well as the years of experience held by each of the contributors. This product isn and rsquo;t a house rules supplement; it works within the Fifth Edition system. You will however find: Insights on running unforgettable combats, from player engagement to speeding up play (see the table of contents in the preview for the full list). Guidance on running tactically-challenging combats. 18 printer-friendly and ldquo;Squad and rdquo; stat blocks for use in mass combat, as well as a guide to creating more. 4 pages of printable tokens for use in grid combat. Other works by the author: […]

  • Simple Trap System

    Publisher: Dungeon Masters GuildTraps can be fun. A great myth is that traps need to be carefully curated to be worth anything. While curated traps are wonderful, even simple traps can be great. Here's a simple system for running fun and impactful traps at your table Elements of a Good Trap For a good trap, you need flavor, interactivity, and suspense. Flavor comes from having a variety of traps with different effects. Interactivity comes from giving the players a choice that impacts the outcome of the trap. Suspense comes from lasting consequences that make the rolls matter. Flavor is easy to satisfy with a list of traps that target different saves and deal various damage types. This provides a spark to describe the trap how you want. For interactivity, some DMs employ the "click" rule--a great concept that is ripe for mechanical development. More on that later. Suspense is achieved by imposing lasting conditions that can affect the characters in the coming battles. When doing this, you need to be careful that the effect is impactful, but not crippling. Simple Trap System We start with the "click" rule: The "Click" Rule When the characters encounter a trap, the DM declares and nbsp;"CLICK!" and nbsp;Going around the table, the players have the opportunity to say how their character reacts. This decision can affect the outcome of the trap being triggered. The usual application is to confer a bonus or penalty to the saving throw. While it's a great concept, it's not really a complete set of mechanics. It's perfectly fine in the hands of an experienced DM, but without a measured hand on the difficulty dial, trap results can feel unfair or inconsequential. While fleshing out the "click" rule, we need to be mindful of what makes a good trap. So we develop varied traps with different damage types to target different saves (flavor). We sort player reactions into groups so we can give their results mechanical teeth (interactivity). Finally, we make sure the traps are more than just an HP tax--failure should come with the risk of a lasting effect (suspense). All these rules are crammed into a useful tab […]

  • Danger at Dunwater – a Ghosts of Saltmarsh DM's Resource

    Publisher: Dungeon Masters GuildDanger at Dunwater and nbsp;is the second adventure of seven in the and nbsp;Ghosts of Saltmarsh and nbsp;campaign book. It has the party venturing into a lizardfolk lair to learn why the scaly humanoids are preparing for war and ndash; eventually making the characters responsible for establishing an alliance with the savage and distrustful lizardfolk. In this document, we seek to make and nbsp;Danger at Dunwater and nbsp;a fun and exciting experience for both you and your players and ndash; and saving you countless hours of preparation in the process. This download includes: Running Danger at Dunwater and nbsp; and ndash; and nbsp;advice on how to move the adventure to the Forgotten Realms, an exciting sea encounter, a complete guide to handling the party's negotiations with the lizardfolk, and a simplified alliance point system. and nbsp; 8 sample lizardfolk and nbsp; and ndash; and nbsp;complete with descriptions of appearance, personality and quirks, allowing you to insert an interesting lizardfolk NPC in your game on the fly! 2 full-scale battlemaps primed for digital tabletop and nbsp; and ndash; an enormeous 140x72 map of the Lizardfolk Lair, as well as a 40x40 swamp map for random encounters and the Croc Hunt! DM's Notes and ndash; and nbsp;thorough sheets of notes condensing the adventure into convenient bulletpoints. Creature Stat Blocks and nbsp; and ndash; all monsters of the adventure arranged on pages that are easily referenced at the table. Looking to spice up your nautical campaign? Check out Daerdan's Tall Tales: 101 Seafaring Encounters! Map previews: Ghosts of Saltmarsh DM's Bundle Buy this product and all other DM's Resources for Ghosts of Saltmarsh and nbsp;in one bundle and save more than 30%! and nbsp; Valeur RPG If you like this product, please leave a rating or a review and ndash; they help us more than you'd think! Also, feel free to check out our other products: Ghosts of Saltmarsh Waterdeep: Dragon Heist Compendiums, Rules and amp; Player Options Storm King's Thunder Adventures and amp; Sidequests […]

  • Grandmother Crookbesom's Book of Hags

    Publisher: Dungeon Masters GuildHags. Is there any more perfect monster in the D and amp;D canon? They and rsquo;re clever, they and rsquo;re wicked, and above all they and rsquo;re social creatures - for all their love of isolation. They and rsquo;re ageless and malicious, schemers who pull the strings of creatures around them for their own cruel whims. They and rsquo;re also larger-than-life personalities who make brilliantly memorable NPCs: the kind of antagonists your players will be reluctant to murder. Whether you and rsquo;re here for the malevolent or the grotesque; wicked godmothers, canny predators or classic malicious crones, Grandmother Crookbesom and rsquo;s Book of Hags has something for you. With a diverse gaggle of cackling witches, each with an array of plans from the petty to the momentous, we give you the gift of over 50 interactions to add a hag into your next adventure. In total, Grandmother Crookbesom's Book gives you... 13 profiles for hags and covens including lore, adventure hooks, and unique abilities 3 new hag types, from the the diminutive Thimble Hags to the monstrous Empress Ehesh Weird Magics and amp; new creature statistics It and rsquo;s an excellent deal, dearie, and at such a low, low, price. You should bite our hand off. Don and rsquo;t let Grandmother think you ungrateful. […]

  • Saltmarsh Encounters

    Publisher: Dungeon Masters GuildBring your campaign to life with this companion supplement for Ghosts of Saltmarsh!Saltmarsh Encounters presents 60 short encounters for the town, coast, and sea. Over 150 variations are included, making the encounters highly replayable and allowing you to customise them to fit YOUR game. The supplement is great for Ghosts of Saltmarsh or any coastal or high seas campaign!This is a DMs Guild Adepts product. The DMs Guild Adept Program was started and is managed by Wizards of the Coast. It brings together talented creators to produce quality content for the DMs Guild. DMs Guild Adepts products are identified by the gold ampersand logo. […]

  • The Chains that Bind: A Pact of the Chain expansion

    Publisher: Dungeon Masters GuildAre you looking for a way to get some real power, but find all those and lsquo;tomes and rsquo; and and lsquo;pact weapons and rsquo; come up bland and boring? and nbsp; Have you been offered nothing but feral imps and unkept pixies as familiars and said, and lsquo;No thank you! and rsquo;? and nbsp; Well do I have a deal for you! and nbsp; At and lsquo;The Chains that Bind and rsquo; emporium we carry all kinds of familiars for all your soul bargaining needs! Do you want hellhound puppies? and nbsp; We got that! and nbsp; Do you want haunted dolls? and nbsp; We got that! and nbsp; Golden Hollyphant Calves? and nbsp; We got that! and nbsp; Demonic serpents that suck the very water from the earth destroying all plants and crops that grow there? and nbsp; We got that too! Come down to and lsquo;The Chains that Bind and rsquo; emporium and nbsp;and peruse all our services, including: A New Feat New Eldritch Invocations! And 27 different types of familiars to satisfy even the most demanding and picky patron! and nbsp;Come on down to and lsquo;The Chains that Bind and rsquo; for all your familiar needs today! […]

  • The Rules Of Cool Characters

    Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild Walking Away From Explosions, and much more! This document won't provide you with a Potion of Cool, because that would only turn out to be be a Tryhard Tincture. What this document and nbsp;does and nbsp;provide is advice on how to portray characters who are cool. It's not just about dark cloaks and mysterious histories and walking away from explosions (though it certainly and nbsp;can and nbsp;involve those things)... Being cool is a complex balance of nonchalance, cool heads, and confidence, without coming off as apathetic or overly distant. This guide can help you master that balancing act, and portray characters that are unmistakably and nbsp;cool. Inside these pages you will find... Valuable guidance for both players and Dungeon Masters, presented with easy-to-navigate bookmarks. How to be cool even when the dice seem to conspire against you. Crafting the mannerisms, backstories, and aesthetics of cool characters. Avoiding "tryhard" behaviors, and developing interest without trying to make yourself the center of attention. Advice on being a cool player too! "I recommend this for players looking to up their roleplaying game at the table in a way everyone can enjoy." ~ Anthony J. and nbsp;★★★★★ "Outstanding player's supplement! Whether you are a veteran or still getting the hang of D and amp;D, everyone should be mindful of the issues spotlighted within. and nbsp; The art and layout is also topnotch!" ~ Hiten D. ★★★★★ […]

  • Barovian Nights - 101 Ravenloft Encounters

    Publisher: Dungeon Masters GuildWelcome, stranger. I almost didn't see you there, the mist being what it is at this time of year. You don't look like you're from around here, maybe you could use some directions? Look here, don't be frightened, I'm not a ghost. Down that way is the village of Barovia - not a great place to start, if you ask me. Depressing, unless you're into rats and sour wine. Over there is Vallaki, though it's quite a trek, and it's coming on to nightfall. and nbsp; Yes, I'm sure you can take care of yourself, but watch out for the wolves. Our wolves are different. and nbsp; Up there? You mean the castle? Oh, no. I wouldn't go there. The Master doesn't appreciate being disturbed by visitors, not at this hour, he'll just be waking up. Look, why don't you come back to our camp with me. and nbsp;Madame Eva sees all sorts of truths in the cards - she's something of a fortune teller. Perhaps she can help you. and nbsp;Don't touch the crystal ball, though. She's very particular about that. and nbsp; Barovian Nights is a compilation of encounters, mechanics and dastardly tricks for use with your Curse of Strahd game. You can mix and match these features as best you like to fit in with your particular Ravenloft game. This volume contains 101 Random Barovian Encounters, divided by environment, connected to various parts of the Curse of Strahd narrative for added depth and flavourUnfamiliar Familiars. A list of flavourful ideas for familiars conjured inside Barovia, including an all new familiar - the WispDusk until Dawn: Some Divine Charms to better show the power and influence of Barovia's divine forcesWhispers of the Soul: Short, Medium and Long term madness effects tailored to Barovia.Vicious Circles: Advice on using the option Honor ability score in Ravenloft and the return of Dark Powers checks and nbsp;Death Wish: Guidance on returning to life by the will of the Dark Powers, and the changes that wreaks on characters Blood of the Covenant: A re-imagining of the VistaniJinxed: Handling Barovia's inherent misfortune in play, and how to expand that to include curses, hexes and other misfortunesGifts Ungiven: Expanded Dark Gifts for the Amber Temple Dealing with the Devil: An increased challenge statblock for Strahd, including advice on combat and spell choice for your favourite BBEG […]