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  • CCC-SLMH01-01 Codex Venator - The Last Hunter

    Publisher: Dungeon Masters GuildIn the peaceful Silver Marches, a dangerous evil grows in the shadows beneath the trees of Moonwood.The last descendent of an ancient order would like to vanquish that evil before it spreads, but, betrayed by his age, he and rsquo;ll need the help of noble adventurers to fulfill his ancient thirst for vengeance. A 4-hour adventure for 5th-10th level characters Codex Venator - The Last Hunter premiered at the AdventurersCon 2018, in Milan (Italy) […]

  • Bearthazar's House of Familiars

    Publisher: Dungeon Masters GuildWelcome, one and all, to Bearthazar's House of Familiars Perhaps your wizard needs a Teacup Chimaera? Maybe your ranger needs an Immovable Rat? Does your warlock want an Emotional Support Imp? (Yes, I am afraid the pom-poms are extra.) Over 50 new familiars, companions and critters for your 5th edition game: Find the perfect pet, from familiar animals like Sloths to bizarre new creatures like the Teacup Chimaera, the Rug Mule and the Man Drake Haggle with Mr Bearthazar over the price (naturally) and purchase from his suggested upgrades (such as changes in colour, fluffy baskets, or other miscellanea) Learn the secret formula to summon your familiar once more should it perish (or if you kick it off a cliff for eating all your rations) New Ranger Companions, Wizarding Familiars, Pact of the Chain Beasties and Unique or Powerful Companions are all included inside Attend the knowledgeable and urbane Mr Bearthazar in his shop, and allow him to help you choose the perfect new friend for your travels. Each familiar comes with a name, statistics, a personality and advice from Mr Bearthazar himself on how best to care for them. and nbs […]

  • 21 Freaky Forest Encounters

    Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild 21 Freaky Forest Encounters 21 encounters plus two new monsters for use in 5th edition Dungeons and amp; Dragons Written by Dimitri Lambermont and amp; Remko van der Heul Art by Wouter Florusse. 21 fun and freaky forest encounters,and two completely new monstersyou can throw at your party Welcome traveler, to the deep dense forests of the realms. What hides under the green leaves? What rustles in the undergrowth? What hides in the caverns deep in the woods? And how do you get out of this alive? Welcome to 21 Freaky Forest Encounters. In this module you, the Dungeon Master, will find 21 new encounters in a forested area to throw at your party. Dark and scary or freaky and bizarre encounters in the wilderness to give your players a scare or make them laugh. All encounters serve as inspiration to work from. You are free to change anything to suit your setting and campaign. But to make your life as a DM easier, you can, of course, use them as-is and where possible, we and rsquo;ve added indications on how to adjust them for players of different levels. […]

  • Guide of the Damned

    Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild The Wall of the Faithless is a wall formed by souls of someone who'd never believed in a deity, it surrounds the City of Judgement, home of Kelemvor the God of Death and Judge of Damned. Devils and demons buy or stole these souls that become fiends, such as lemures. Your psychopomp powers come from the contact with a fiend creature you killed and its soul is bound to you now for example, in some way you claimed a soul once at the service of some entity cause you have an unnatural power to attract and sense bound souls, this feature may comes from an aspect of your personality or life. Your goal is to free souls bound with otherworldly creatures such as devils, even warlocks are your enemies in this crusade. Otherwise, you are interested in judging souls to become not just more powerful, but a rightful judge of dead upon souls sold, stole or bound with otherworldly entities. Guide of the Damned is a subclass option for the psychopomp class: […]

  • Torzael's Guide to the Insectfolk

    Publisher: Dungeon Masters GuildDeep within the caverns under your very feet lives an entire race of insectfolk who had disappeared for centuries, until now. A wall of their grand, secluded kingdom has just been knocked down by unknown forces, revealing them to the world above. Few scholars have found any remnants from the insectfolk's past, only small bits and pieces of folklore that were passed down and twisted by the generations since. Although he believes more to exist, the druidic explorer Torzael has documented five unique races that live in unison in walls of the catacombs between Waterdeep and Skullport. Dustkin: the leaping and striking insectfolk; inspired by fleas and aphids. Flutterkin: the stealthy aerial acrobatic insectfolk; inspired by moths and butterflies. Liftkin: the small but strong insectfolk that always have a hand to spare; inspired by ants. Puncturekin: the mesmerizing humanoid insectfolk with barbs on their foreheads; inspired by scorpions. Underkin: the heavyset burrowers and builders of the insectfolk; inspired by beetles. V1.01 RELEASED! […]

  • DotMM Companion 15: The Obstacle Course

    Publisher: Dungeon Masters GuildThe DotMM Companion continues on to Level 15, the Obstacle Course and mdash;the most perfect level of Undermountain. Having been locked in a demiplane for three months by the Mad Mage, the party is offered to chance to save the city of Waterdeep from Mecha-Halaster! This supplement includes: DM Notes. Notes including but not limited to spicing up the dungeon crawl with valuable roleplay with select NPCs. Mecha-Halaster's March. An optional, final battle with Mecha-Halaster, who has been loosed upon Waterdeep. If the adventurers survive the Obstacle Course, the Mad Mage promises to teleport them to the besieged walls of Waterdeep to square off against the steel monstrosity. Areas of Note. Notes, room descriptions, scenes, and scripts for the various areas of the dungeon. Magic Item Descriptions. and nbsp;Save yourself the time of digging through the Dungeon Master's Guide to determine how the few magic items on this floor work. The appendix also lists the area the item is found. Monster Stats for all unique NPCs used on this level. If you enjoy this campaign aid, check out my other work here on DMs Guild and follow me on Twitter (@Wyatt_Trull). Waterdeep: Dungeon of the Mad Mage and nbsp; Player Options and amp; Encounters Curse of Strahd and nbsp; and nbsp; Waterdeep: Dragon Heist […]

  • Nameia's Laboratory

    Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild "A 4-5 hour one-shot adventure for 4 to 6 sixth level characters." In the adventure, the players will have to infiltrate the hidden laboratory of the Crimson Order, under the leadership of the Blood Mage Nameia. The adventuring party, after they find their way inside the cave into the cults hold will face Nameia and rsquo;s horrific creations along with her army of fanatics, in order to put a stop to her plans and save the unfortunate captives, that are about to be subdued to vile experiments. Nameia's Laboratory and nbsp;is a and nbsp;Dungeons and amp; Dragons and nbsp;adventure module that will take the player's characters from level 6 to 7. Meet the Crimson Order, a cult pursuing to resurrect and nbsp;Haemnathuun, the Blood Lord. Meet unique monsters and NPCs with their own original artwork. Handouts for both DMs and Players to use during the session. Maps that come with player and DM versions. […]

  • {WH} Lera! A moth-like character race of susurrant scholars

    Publisher: Dungeon Masters GuildThe light beckons, and you follow. and nbsp; Journeying from the silk-woven forests that nurtured you as a larva, you emerge into the wider world, a land full of disparate peoples and ideas, rich in a wealth of knowledge and secrets. As the light lead you, once, now you are lead by enlightenment. With each hidden truth you uncover, you learn more of what the world is, and how to secure your place in it. Secrets are your power, and your currency. Seek them out, and guard them well. Lera are a character race of moth-like humanoids, driven by an endless compulsion to gradually learn all there is to be known. and nbsp; Do you study the diverse and storied cultures of the world, hoping to understand why they are as they are? Do you broker for blessings from dark gods or demons, hoping to gain the forbidden fruit of their knowledge? Or do you embrace the light, looking to its pure candescence for the truest of answers? Included in this supplement are: The Lera core character race Seven distinct subraces, each based on a different real-world moth Two new racial feats, specifically for lera characters Six new creatures, perfect for foes, allies, or companions in any game featuring lera! Where will the pursuit of enlightenment lead you, and what astounding truths will you uncover? and nbsp;/walrockhomebrew and nbsp;@WalrockHomebrew and nbsp;walrock-homebrew.blogspot and nbsp; and nbsp; and nbsp; and nbsp; and nbsp; and nbsp; and nbsp; and nbsp; and nbsp; and nbsp; and nbsp; and nbsp; and nbsp; and nbsp; and nbsp; and nbsp; and nbsp; and nbsp; and nbsp; and nbsp; and nbsp; and nbsp; and nbsp; and nbs […]

  • Friends, Foes and Other Fine Folks

    Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild Friends, Foes and Other Fine Folks is a collection of NPCs who represent the diverse community that plays 5th edition dungeons and dragons. This includes, but is not limited to, representations of various genders, races, physical characteristics, orientations, personalities and disabilities. What's inside? 58 non-player characters for 5th edition dungeons and dragons. Each character includes: Personality and traits Background or history of the character Interactions with adventures In-game statistics, either through the use of a custom stat-block (30 in total) or reference to existing statblocks in the Monster Manual or Volo's Guide to Monsters and nbsp; What you may want to know. Characters in this book highlight diversity that and nbsp;includes, but is not limited to gender, race, physical characteristics, orientation, personality and disabilities. Many of the characters in this book reference statistics in the Monster Manual and Volo's Guide to Monsters. and nbsp; Wherever possible, character entries are setting neutral, referring generally to gods, cities and towns so they can be included in any setting. and nbsp; Contributors. This book was a labour of love by many people, including: A. Kelly Lane Gwen Bassett Alison Huang Jamie O'Duibhir Alldrya Blue Jay Davidson Allen Johnson Jennifer Peig Ally Sulentic Jessica Marcrum Amanda Sternklar Jessica Ross Amelia Ng Kari Kawachi Annamyriah de Jong Liz Gist Anthony Alipio Lorrie Markiwsky Ashton Duncan Luciella Elisabeth Scarlett Awkward Bard Lynne M. Meyer Blake Origer Ma'at Crook Cameron Blair Megan Irving Catherine Evans Mellanie Black Chai Power Morgan Geiss Collette Quach Nichole Wilkinson Corin Kumamoto Noah Grand David Markiwsky Paul A. Keiter DT Saint Reshma Zachariah Elise Cretel Sara Rude-McCune Emily Smith Sarah Gray Harker Fernando Salvaterra Simon Diamond Cramer Gordon McAlpin Stephanie Lee Grant Sparks Thomas Marcetti Gretchen Meinzen Tule Woodson […]

  • Neverember's Guide to Urbanization

    Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild Bring your cities to life with this supplement for urban settings Neverember's Guide to Urbanization focuses on urban settings, to make DMs life more easy and players experience more real providing 75 pages of subclass options, rules, random encounters and tools to run a sandbox rp. Inside you'll find: 12 new subclass options: artificer, bard, cleric, figther, paladin, ranger, rogue, warlock and wizard. Random encounters and city events to and nbsp;fill your cities with life. Law enforcement system helps DMs to manage and enhance the whole law system. Create and manage a noble house, choosing from 4 house orientation interests, new downtime activities and events to increase your house renown. Building pricing to build and furnish your own house. And much more! and nbsp; Author's note: and nbsp;Unfortunately my editor had to posticiping its corrected version due to personal problems and i can't posticiping the release cause I'll be unavailable from next week to september, be understand that you can find typos and other errors. Next week my editor will upload the final version, until then it's 4.95$ instead of 6.95$. […]