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  • Maid in Waterdeep

    Publisher: Dungeon Masters GuildMaid in Waterdeep, que aparece en la antolog and iacute;a Uncaged, es un recuento de un cuento de hadas cl and aacute;sico con un toque diferente. and iexcl;Esta aventura de tres horas para personajes de nivel uno es ideal tanto para nuevos jugadores como para nuevos maestros de mazmorras! Incluye mapa imprimible para jugadores. Se incluye la versi and oacute;n en ingl and eacute;s para referencia del DM. -- Maid in Waterdeep, featured in the Uncaged anthology, is a retelling of a classic fairytale with a twist. This three-hour adventure for level one characters is great for both new players and new dungeon masters! Printable map for players included. English version is included for the DM and rsquo;s reference.

  • Archetypes of Eberron

    Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild31 immersive subclasses created for the world of Eberron! This supplement is crafted with love by three bestselling Eberron designers, and features beautiful full-color art for each subclass by Olie Boldador, Juno Viinikka, and more. Artificer Crystal Shaper: Augments spells with powerful emotions in a psicrystal. Disruptor: Controls the battlefield with volatile arcane explosives. War Weaver: Supports allies in a tapestry woven of potent magic. plus 7 artificer infusions! Barbarian Path of the Feral Heart: Shifts into a savage warrior embracing the beast within. Path of the Rage Mage: Channels raw magical energy even in the midst of rage. Bard College of Revelation: Glimpses truths beyond the grasp of mortal understanding. College of Spies: Fights a war of wit, intrigue, and deception. Cleric Change Domain: Embraces change and chaos as the only true constants. Exorcism Domain: Relentlessly fights all manner of supernatural evil. Hearth Domain: Bolsters spirits with community and the embrace of friends. Druid Circle of Civilization: Walks comfortably in the hives of humanoids. Circle of Eberron: Recognizes every breath as a gift from Eberron herself. Circle of Storms: Answers the call of the storm that sings in their ears. Fighter Combat Medic: Wields healing magic as comfortably as the sword. Marshal: Combines tactical expertise with charismatic leadership. Monk Way of the Conduit: Seeks spirits to channel with no fear of possession. Way of the Tashalatora: Controls time with the power of the mind. Paladin Oath of the Bone Knight: Commands undead legions with necromantic power. Oath of the Kell Knight: Unflinchingly serves the Daughters of Sora Kell. Ranger Extreme Explorer: Comes out on top, no matter the odds. Guerilla: Stalks in the shadows while wielding deadly poisons. Rogue Divine Sniper: Drives away the darkness with arrows of brilliant light. Soulknife: Manifests a mindblade humming with psionic power. Sorcerer Blood Magus: Fuels magic with the power of blood itself. Cataclysm Mage: Draws power from ancient cataclysms and the Prophecy. Wilder: Summons intense emotions that empower... and overpower. Warlock The Elemental: Binds an elemental and channels its essence. The Hidden One: Serves as the eyes of One who watches from the shadows. The Soulborn: Guided and inspired by the soul of a champion. Wizard Cult of the Alienist: Touches the power of Xoriat and emerges changed. School of Living Spells: Masters living spells that wander the twisted Mournland. Sample Pages and nbsp; and nbsp; and nbsp; and nbsp; Want More? If you enjoy Archetypes of Eberron, check out our other work, including these and more! and nbsp; and nbsp; and nbsp; and nbsp; and nbsp; and nbsp;

  • CCC-TRI-20 Breaking Yûlash (Part Five of the Yûlash Series)

    Publisher: Dungeon Masters GuildThe city of Y and ucirc;lash is under siege. Can you and a small allied force break the siege,save your allies, and discover who or what is behind the assault? This is a Tier 3 (APL 13) Adventurers League legal adventure set in Y and ucirc;lash, a city on the Moonsea. This module first premiered at Open Gaming Convention 2018. This module is the sequel to CCC-TRI-15 The Dark of the Hive

  • Grasp of the Emerald Claw: An Expansion and 5e Conversion Guide

    Publisher: Dungeon Masters GuildGrasp of the Emerald Claw The epic Eberron adventure that began in The Forgotten Forge comes to its epic conclusion as you travel to the jungles of Xen'drik in this race against evil! This classic 3.5 adventure takes the PCs from Sharn through the sahuagin-infested Thunder Sea to the city of Stormreach... and then into the jungles of Xen'drik in search of secrets locked away in the ruins of the ancient civilization of the giants. Grasp of the Emerald Claw was originally released in 2005 as an adventure for 6th-level PCs. It was developed for D and amp;D 3.5 and designed by Bruce Cordell as the conclusion to the story that began in and nbsp;The Forgotten Forge, and nbsp;the first adventure written for Eberron. and nbsp;Herein, the adventure is updated to be fully compatible with 5th edition rules. and nbsp;In addition, notes and additional details have been added to provide encounters, adventure hooks, and coherence with lore so that the DM can introduce some of their favorite aspects of the Eberron setting. and nbsp; Contents: Conversion notes, making all encounters compatible with 5th edition rules. Notes on adapting the encounters to make them easier or harder so as to accomodate a party of different power level than originally intended. Background information on the different encounter locations. Stat blocks for a dozen named NPCs. Stat blocks for well over a dozen monsters, including new undead and creatures found only in Xen'drik. New magic items, including legendary items, a minor artifact, and some special sentient items. Optional bonus encounters. Please note that the original adventure is required to use this conversion. See my conversions of previous adventures in this series: The Forgotten Forge Shadows of the Last War Whispers of the Vampires Blade

  • Fungi of the Underdark: An illustrated guide

    Publisher: Dungeon Masters GuildAn illustrated and annotated guide to the fungi of the underdark.From the towering Zurkhwood to the miniscule Nilhogg's Nose, the bland Bluecap to the spicy Firelichen, all are hand-illustrated and annotated with notes and information in this simple handout perfect for GM's and players alike.

  • Arcane Legacy Sorcerous Origin

    Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild"Yer a wizard sorcerer, Harry!" Let's be honest: the sorcerer class is underdeveloped. It's allegedly a class about having inborn magical power and being able to warp magic to your will, but its subclass options focus instead on reflecting the nature of whatever it was your ancestor got freaky with. Don't get me wrong, all of those options should exist, but shouldn't there at least be one subclass option that actually reinforces the themes of the class? That's what the Arcane Legacy sorcerous origin provides. In this document you'll find a sorcerous origin for adventurers who have inborn magical talent rather than a mutant-like magical contamination. and nbsp;BONUS: It also comes with a new spell! As with any of my digital products, please let me know if something weird comes up in play and I can make adjustments. You'll have access to all future updates with a single purchase. Thanks, and enjoy!

  • Temple of the Nightbringers: Anniversary Edition

    Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild"Everyone loved it and had a great time!""It was great!""An excellent adventure very well structured and ideal for a one shot!" A young man has been kidnapped by ferocious goblins, and you have been hired to rescue him. Your quest leads to you to a mysterious abandoned temple, where you encounter terrifying monsters, dark magic, and a shocking secret. Can you survive?Temple of the Nightbringers: Anniversary Edition is a Two-to-Four-Hour Adventure for 1st through 3rd Level Characters. It is a fully revised version of the best-selling adventure, and contains everything you need for a great introductory adventure or one shot!

  • The Armorer's Handbook: Equipment Upgrade and Rune Magic System for 5E

    Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild The Armorer's Handbook is a complete equipment upgrade ruleset that allows weapons and armor to grow along with your characters in an organic way that feels anchored in your setting. This supplement is a comprehensive modular framework that allows characters to improve their equipment as they see fit by finding some artisans and spending some coin! Chapter 1 covers nonmagical upgrades, which approximate the basic +1-3 progression of magic items in the Dungeon Master's Guide. Chapter 2 introduces rune magic as a means to imbue your equipment with magical properties, including a fully-realized crafting system for characters wishing to create their own runestones using simple gemstones. The two chapters comprise the following. Each option is modular and can be adjusted, ignored, or replaced without impacting the whole. CHAPTER 1: UPGRADING EQUIPMENT A Revised Armor table based on real-world historical armor, weight and prices, with scalable purchase options and three types of shield, each filling a unique role. Armor Upgrade rules including 14 unique upgrades. A minimalist Revised Weapons table, offering four new weapon properties. Weapon Upgrade rules including 13 unique upgrades. 7 types of Special Ammunition with easy crafting rules. 8 of Special Materials with simple modifications to the upgrade rules. Rules for equipment Wear and Repair. CHAPTER 2: RUNE MAGIC Rune magic lore and how to introduce rune magic and runestones into your campaign. Runestones and ndash; socketable gems used to empower equipment with magical properties. Runesmithing and ndash; a complete ruleset for player-crafting of runestones. Runesmith and rsquo;s Tools and ndash; a new toolkit used to craft runestones using gemstones. The Runesmith and rsquo;s Guild and ndash; a complete ruleset for joining and progressing through a crafting guild, with tangible benefits to those who achieve status among their peers. Also includes new downtime activities! A New Feat only available to veteran runesmiths. Two New Artificer Infusions to enhance the potential of runic equipment. 39 Runestones, plus guidance on creating your own. Its also easy to repurpose the properties of magic items from any source and mdash;and you can even allow characters to "trade in" magic items to help the guild scholars in their quest to discover/create new runestones! Quick Previews: Creator's Note: The Armorer's Handbook is the first in a series of toolkit expansions I hope to release in 2020. A bit of a serial number-cruncher, I enjoy figuring out complex systems, making them work inside constraints (the official rules), and presenting them in a functional and easily understandle form for you fine folks to enjoy. If you like what you see, please consider showing your support by making a purchase! You can also join the mailing list ( to receive notifications of new product releases (new release notifications only, no spam!) or find me on Twitter @DMheavyarms. Praise for the Armorer's Handbook: Current Version: 1.3-3 / 17 January 2020

  • Necromancer's Toolkit

    Publisher: Dungeon Masters GuildA supplement for DMs and Players alike, this book gives necromancers numerous additional tools to cause havoc and terror in the living and unliving alike. Within you will find two new class archetypes: The Blood Sorcerer, an origin for the sorcerer revolving around using blood to fuel your magics. And the Grim Harvester, a necromantic take on the pet archetype. Additionally, you will find a rework of the Animate Dead and Danse Macabre spells to accommodate higher CR summons, 4 new warlock invocations, 35 new spells, a new category of sinister blood potions, 16 new magical items, sample creature templates to modify and change up your standard undead threats, and 19 new undead and necromantic creatures. This work is a large expansion and update to Blood Sorcery. If you would like a more substantial preview of this work, please feel free to go check it out.

  • The Serpent Scrolls

    Publisher: Dungeon Masters GuildPlayable Naga and Loads of New Serpent Themed Player Options! Have you ever thought Yuan-Ti Pureblood just wasn't enough snake for your liking? Did you want a race that was able to slither, bite, coil or even hug it's way to victory? Did you want snake-like options for other races or even for some of your class options? ...Wanna play as sneaple? Two legs not allowed. Then and nbsp;the and nbsp;Serpent Scrolls might and nbsp;just and nbsp;be and nbsp;what and nbsp;you're and nbsp;looking and nbsp;for! ----- This PDF includes: -The Naga Race Traits: Playable Snake Humanoids -7 Sub Races: Constrictor, Hooded, Viper, Sea, Tsuchi, Couatl and Hognose -3 New Naga Flavored Subraces: Lamia Elf, Garter Gnome, Couatl Aasimar -36 Additional Racial Feats: Constrict, Envenom, Burrow and even Hypnotize with a variety of features that can lend themselves to more then just the Naga -6 Snake Themed Archetypes including one for Ross Leiser's Accursed!: Curse of the Gorgon, Path of the Titanoboa, College of Belly Dancing, Coachwhip, Way of the Cobra Fang and Naga Bloodlines