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  • Prawo Zachodu!

    Publisher: Dungeon Masters GuildPopraw stetsona, przypasz kolt, osiodłaj mustanga. Na twoich sesjach D and amp;D ruszycie na Zach and oacute;d. Prawo Zachodu to minidodatek, dzięki kt and oacute;remu włączycie do swoich sesji elementy westernu. W środku znajdziecie siedem nowych podklas, opcjonalne zasady broni palnej, westernowy sprzęt, garstkę nowych przeciwnik and oacute;w i pomysły na lokacje z Pogranicza. Jak tam, pielgrzymie? Got and oacute;w? Ruszamy na Daleki Zach and oacute;d?

  • Volo's Guide to Getting Murdered

    Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild Our beloved Volo has invited guests far and wide to celebrate the release of his new book: Volo and rsquo;s Enchiridion to Making Friends. Unfortunately for Volo, one of his guests plans to murder him! Volo and rsquo;s Guide to Getting Murdered is a murder mystery one-shot that ties in directly with Waterdeep: Dragon Heist! This adventure is designed for characters of 4th or 5th level! Volo and rsquo;s Guide to Getting Murdered provides a replayable 3-4 hour adventure with four unique culprits, all set in a fantastical location with countless secrets and mysteries to uncover. 4 Unique Villains! Your choice of four unique villains makes this adventure replayabile with swerves and red-herrings to keep everyone on their toes. Inside a Walking Statue! The entire party exists inside the Hawk Man Walking Statue of Waterdeep, with full maps provided! and nbsp; 19 Encounters! There are 19 encounters, 4 unique to each murderer, and others to make the mystery dynamic and ever changing. and nbsp; 40+ Pages! 45 pages of location descriptions, NPC information, stat-blocks, a map, items, and more! This book is crammed with content. Follow me on twitter: @WhitbyWrites Please, do let me know what you think! I promise to refine and improve with the feedback given! Check out some of my other products:

  • Lost Mine of Phandelver Encounter Maps

    Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild Featured here are two maps made to supplement encounter stories in the Dungeons and amp; Dragons 5th edition Module, Lost Mine of Phandelver. Both encounters, the optional dragon fight at Venomfang's Tower and the ruined Tresendar Manor in Phandalin, are visually featured in some way in the module, but have no accompanying encounter-scale maps. These high resolution maps come in multiple variations including with or without grids for tabletop or digital play, print resolution pdfs, alternative versions using nighttime palettes, and asset PNG files of the dead spiders and the manor's roof. You can check out low resolution previews for both maps: Venomfang's Tower and Tresendar Manor. Looking to supplement more from the Lost Mine of Phandelver? Check out our other maps for two side quests in the adventure as well as maps for two main battle scenes. If you find that this product improved your gaming experience please feel free to check out more of my maps on our website,

  • Skullport: Shadow of Waterdeep

    Publisher: Dungeon Masters GuildAs you walk the twisted tunnels of Shadow Pass, the light of your lantern illuminating the fog heavy in the air around you, a silhouette ahead catches your eye. A skull. It floats toward you, grinning. A voice, eerie and creaking like a rusted door hinge, issues forth from its empty, clacking mouth. "This be safe haven to all traders and customers. Keep your weapons and your uncivil tongue sheathed, lest ye find the grinning skull of Death smiling in your face." You ready your weapons, but it makes no further move toward you, floating away as though it has spoken its piece. As you turn a corner, the fog clears, and you enter into a massive cavern webbed with crisscrossing bridges of rope and rigging, connecting buildings made from the wreckage of old ships, stacked atop one another haphazardly. An emerald-green light hovers high above, outlining a skull which lazily drifts through, seeming to watch over the town. Welcome to Skullport. For centuries, Waterdhavians have treated Skullport as a taboo subject. Even Volo himself was barred from writing a guide to Skullport, for fear that knowledge of this terrifying town deep beneath the City of Splendors would lead to widespread panic. But now, in this 86-page guide, experience Skullport laid bare: a place of pirates, scoundrels, slavers, and all other manner of unseemly folk. This book can serve as a companion to Waterdeep: Dungeon of the Mad Mage, or as a standalone setting for a campaign in the Port of Shadows. Included within are: Detailed information and maps for over 50 locations in Skullport, as well as a further 50+ in adjacent areas such as the Promenade of the Dark Maiden, Xanathar Guild Lair, Sewers, and Dungeons, and numerous different pathways by which to reach Skullport. Information on over a dozen different factions, from the powerful, tyrannical Xanathar Guild, to the benevolent, kind-hearted Protectors of the Song, to the murderous, sadistic Muses of Misery. Simple, accessible descriptions of the history and idiosyncracies of Skullport. An adventure set in Skullport, The Mage of Rags, which gives characters an opportunity to dethrone the Xanathar Guild by making a bargain with one of Skullport's most notorious and dangerous mythical boogeymen--the Rag Mage. Five new subclasses: the College of Hymns for Bards, the Abomination Domain and Song Domain for Clerics, the Oath of Liberty for Paladins, and the Mantrapper Conclave for Rangers. A new Skulker background, for players who wish to play a character whose origins are in the Port of Shadows. Seven new weapons, including the Barbed Net, Lasso, Catch Pole, and Bolas, for those who would prefer to take their quarry prisoner, and the Smokepowder Pistol for those who don't mind either way. Seven unique new spells to enable your players to learn the weird magic of Undermountain and mdash;or have it used against them. Random events and encounters to add flavour and savour, or serve as plot hooks, within Skullport. Two new conditions to add extra horror to your games: Haunted, for when a character has contact with something supernaturally terrifying that scars them more than mere fright, and Addicted, for those characters who enjoy partake in life vice's to excess. Complete with several example addictive substances, and haunting locales. CONTENT WARNING: and nbsp;addiction, alcohol, animal cruelty, disease, drugs, mental compulsion, mental illness, parasites, self-harm, sex work, slavery, suicide, torture. THIS SUPPLEMENT CONTAINS ADULT CONTENT, AND ELEMENTS INAPPROPRIATE FOR PLAYERS UNDER THE AGE OF 18. Cover art by Patrick E. Puller. Find more of his work here.For more information or to submit feedback or discuss, you can contact me here, on reddit (/u/Rocket_Papaya) or on twitter at and nbsp;

  • The Cecaelia

    Publisher: Dungeon Masters GuildPlayable Octopus Elves! Are you looking to go deeper than your average Sea Elf or Triton when it comes to ocean based player characters? Want to play a subrace of Elf with abit more of a melee or underwater based focus? Want to play a misunderstood subrace of elf that is simply curious of the surface world and it's inhabitants? ...Wanna be Ursula from the Little Mermaid? Then the Cecaelia Elves might be what you're looking for! ----- This PDF includes: -Stats for Cecaelia Elf Subrace -13 Additional Racial Traits to further improve upon your nautical nonsense!

  • Roguish Archetype: The Nullblade

    Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild"You have trained yourself in combating magic, your studies of the arcane allows you to deny and defeat any and all magical beings, Rogues of this archetype can be anything from bounty hunters or assassins to bodyguards that defend nobles against magical attack. These types of rogues most often find themselves tasked with combating the evil Zhentarim or the magocratic dragonmarked houses of Sharn." If you have ever wanted to play an rebel assassin in a magocratic society, this is the archetype for you.

  • The Blackstaff's Warlock Codex

    Publisher: Dungeon Masters GuildThe Blackstaff and rsquo;s Warlock Codex and nbsp;(now available at a special launch price of $4.95!) is the ultimate collection of 5E warlock subclasses, options, and spells, from the creators of such titles as and nbsp;The Blackstaff and rsquo;s Book of 1,000 Spells, and nbsp;Elminster's Guide to Magic, the Player's Companion, Faiths of the Forgotten Realms and nbsp;(I and nbsp;and and nbsp;II), and the and nbsp;Ravenloft Archetypes and nbsp;series (which and nbsp;Critical Role creator Matt Mercer and nbsp;praised as and nbsp;"Really grand content! Well thought out, well presented, and a fantastic supplement to any campaign... Highly recommended!"). The legendary Blackstaff, a scholar of all spellcasting traditions, compiled the many secrets of warlocks-- those bearers of esoteric lore and dangerous magic who commune with infernal intelligences and fey spirits, scour enemies with potent blasts of eldritch power, and bedevil foes with hexing curses. Now the arcane might they channel from otherworldly entities can finally be yours with and nbsp;The Blackstaff and rsquo;s Warlock Codex. This sequel to the Platinum-bestselling and nbsp;Blackstaff's Book of 1,000 Spells adds spells from that tome and more to new warlock subclasses, patrons, pacts, variant features, and magic items, alongside roleplaying advice and secrets of pact magic to enrich your experience of playing D and amp;D's most scandalous character class. Examples and lore from Eberron, the Forgotten Realms, Ravenloft, and other settings deepen your warlock's ties to the worlds of the D and amp;D multiverse and illustrate how to connect these rules to your own campaign. With more than 40 new eldritch invocations, 8 new otherworldly patrons, 5 new pact boon options, over 40 new magic items (including sentient items and artifacts), more than 60 spells for all spellcasting classes (including both brand new spells and a curated collection of spells from the Blackstaff's Book of 1000 Spells), variant warlock class features, and all the information you need to roleplay these new options to the hilt, and nbsp;The Blackstaff and rsquo;s Warlock Codex will forever change the way you see one of D and amp;D's most popular classes!

  • Il Suono dell'Ombra

    Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild and nbsp; and nbsp; and nbsp; and nbsp; and nbsp;Il misterioso suono di una campana senza una apparente provenienza sta tormentando la gente del piccolo villaggio di Warmhold. Contemporaneamente, una serie di furti e sparizioni non fanno altro che aumentare la tensione degli abitanti. Come potrebberoessere connessi questi eventi? Sta ai giocatori scoprirlo! Un'avventura oneshot per personaggi di tier 2 inseribile in qualunque campagna ambientata nel and nbsp;Faer and ucirc;n


    Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild UNBRIDLED and nbsp;is a book of 19 and nbsp;adventures for D and amp;D 5th edition and nbsp;featuring and nbsp;hags and unicorns, each of which provides a unique and bizarre take on the theme handpicked from pitches by a unnerving array of enthusiastic (and almost entirely unvetted) authors slay and nbsp;the cookie unicorns of the apocalypsesave an evil witch from the injustices of unicorn courtdrift into an astral lazer cooking battlesteal a taxidermied unicorn thirst trap as if this weren't enough, we've put together an entire directory of Weird Magic for hags, such as the wig of ensnaring, the lung lamprey and the conch of the moist imperative a bestiary of odd creatures, such as the prehistoric primal hag, the witchicorncop (half-unicorn, half-witch, all cop). hagbaxi and caticorns a playable unicorn race, in case you want to be a unicorn because you want to sparkle and don't mind not having hands this book contains adventures by: Catherine Evans, Alicia Furness, Jessica Marcrum, Liz Gist, Joshua Barbeau, and nbsp;Jonny Robertson, Kai Linder, Alison Huang, and nbsp;Jacky Leung, Em Miller, A. Kelly Lane, Kat Kruger, and nbsp;R. Morgan Slade, Richard Malena-Webber, Zeke Gonzalez, Kayla Bayens, Matthew Whitby, and nbsp;Brittney Hay and amp; and nbsp;Oliver Clegg QUESTIONS? UNDOUBTEDLY COMMENTS? PLEASE NO CONCERNS? PROBABLY contact Oliver via twitter @deathbybadger

  • The Imp

    Publisher: Dungeon Masters GuildPlayable Imps and Demoted Lesser Devils! Ever wanted to give Imps abit more heft and validity then just being a simple fiendish familiar? Want to play a race that escapes servitude and humiliation to gain power with their own two claws, stinger and wings? Ever liked the cut of Lesser Devil's jib and wanted to get a taste of their powers as player options? ...Want to be a Halfling sized Tiefling with wings? Then the Imps may just be what your looking for! ---- The Imp PDF includes the following: -Stats for Base Race Imps. -A subrace of Demoted Imps allowing players to play as once Lesser Devils now turned into lowly Imps. -The Demoted Imp's subraces include the following Lesser Devils; and nbsp;Abishai (Dragon Devils), and nbsp;Barbazu (Bearded Devils), and nbsp;Hamatula (Barbed Devils), and nbsp;Osyluth (Bone Devils) and and nbsp;Spinagon (Spined Devils). -12 Addition Racial Features.