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  • Step Right Up

    Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild A milk-themed carnival horror adventure Come one, come all! Don and rsquo;t miss the grand opening for Mr. Bone and rsquo;s Big Top Euphoria, a carnival brought to you by the distinguished dairy tycoon, Leland Bone. It and rsquo;s shaping up to be a night you and rsquo;ll never forget! Step Right Up is a milk-themed carnival horror adventure designed for four to six characters of 5th-to-7th level. The adventure features: Over 15 two-part attractions (14 main attractions and a sideshow with 5 variants) from which the Dungeon Master can construct the perfect carnival to challenge and interest their players 10 new monsters and nbsp; 5 new magic items Monstrous milk options to make existing D and amp;D monsters the cream of the crop Printable handouts for your players Tips on using horror effectively in tabletop roleplaying games Dairy puns About the Author Justice Arman is Iranian-American clinic manager based in Central Texas. He has an undergraduate degree from BYU in Public Health and earned an MBA from Baylor University in May of 2018. and nbsp; Though he is a late bloomer to TTRPGs, Justice has been a Dungeon Master since 2013. During that time, he has had the pleasure of running a 20-level, Norse-themed campaign with an incredible group of players who nicknamed him the Norse DM. and nbsp; Complete List of DMs Guild Products and nbsp; Check out some of my other products: and nbs

  • Walk the Blink Dog

    Publisher: Dungeon Masters GuildDo you have animal lovers in your party? Does everyone want an animal companion? Then this is the adventure for you! Several canines and nbsp;at Harmony Park have gone missing and need to be found! This module can be played with any level party, and should take 3-5 hours to play.

  • Baldur's Gate Notice Boards

    Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild Get ready for Baldur's Gate like you have not experienced it before! This product includes 16 quests (presented on four notice boards), 9 original maps, 8 bounty hunts with new stat blocks (also on notice boards), 57 random encounters, as well as a table of 90 inns, taverns, shops, and shady dens in Baldur's Gate! The templates for the notice boards, and the separate notes are included as image files as well! Baldur's Gate Notice Boards is perfect for all Baldur's Gate based campaigns like Descent into Avernus, Call from the Deep, or Heroes of Baldur's Gate. However, you might as well use these quests and whatnot in all other cities! I took special care not to mention Baldur's Gate on the player handouts. These notice boards are presented to you by author Christian Eichhorn and editor John Parker. You can contact me via mail ( or via Twitter (@squirrelgolem). More Noticeboards? Yes! There are more collections available:

  • The Great Dale Campaign Guide

    Publisher: Dungeon Masters GuildWelcome to the Great Dale! This book provides all of the setting, story, and character options needed for adventures in the Great Dale. The Great Dale is a land in the Forgotten Realms found within the Unapproachable East, a long journey from the Sword Coast. It is a land filled with ancient and terrible secrets waiting to be discovered. Here, powerful druids clash with the fiendish taint left behind by an ancient empire. Opportunity and intrigue await those who join the rush of factions seeking to control the rejuvenated city of Uthmere. Above all, the Great Dale is a land of adventure. The Great Dale Campaign Guide is filled with exciting new ideas for Dungeon Master and rsquo;s andplayers to add to their home games. Inside you'll discover: An overview of Dunwood, the Dale, the Forest of Lethyr and surrounding lands A history of the Great Dale and the factions that influence the region. A new player character race - the Volodni 11 class archetypes such as the Nar Demonbinder, the Nentyar Hunter and Rauthmari Battle Mage 3 new character backgrounds customized for the Great Dale 6 feats including cooperative Circle Magic 18 spells wielded by the Great Dale's mystics and learned wizards 13 magic items used to tame a war-torn land 15 unique NPCs waiting to help - or betray - adventurers 13 new monsters to challenge players, including the Demon Lord Eltab A collection of adventure ideas to create your own campaigns in the Great Dale.

  • Mordenkainen's Tome of Marvelous Magic

    Publisher: Dungeon Masters GuildExplore a wealth of fantastic new magic items in this supplement for the world's greatest roleplaying gameMordenkainen has spent his career researching magic items. In this book, he describes 200 of the most interesting and useful wondrous items ever devised! The perfect way to liven up any treasure hoard and an essential resource for every Dungeon Master. and nbsp; and nbsp;This is a DMs Guild Adepts product. The DMs Guild Adept Program was started and is managed by Wizards of the Coast. It brings together some of the best talents creating for the DMs Guild for creative development. DMs Guild Adepts products are identified by the gold ampersand logo.

  • The Haunt 3

    Publisher: Dungeon Masters GuildThe Haunt 3 Carol Anne, aka The Evil Doll, has a momentary window of reprieve from her horrific damnation. She seeks heroes to undo the great evil that was placed upon her soul over a and nbsp;millennia and nbsp;ago and prevent the horror that followed. Do your heroes have the nerve to enter the "Space Between" and relive the terrifying events of the past?! The horrific Finale to the Multi-PLATINUM bestselling, and Dragon+ Magazine featured horror adventure series: The Haunt. The Haunt 3 is both a one-shot, and a sequel that can be run as either. It is a 6-8 hour Horror themed adventure, designed for characters of 7th - 8th level. This adventure takes the party on a trip through time and mind to attempt to save the soul of the Montarthas daughter, Carol Anne, and stop the events that eventuated in her transformation into the accursed Evil Doll. and nbsp; The Haunt 3 offers the party a number of objectives by which to save Carol Anne from her dark fate as we revisit iconic locations likely known to the players (if they have played through the first two in the series), however each has its own new twist that is sure to catch the party off-guard at first and keep the suspense high thereafter. DISCLAIMER! and nbsp;This will be a challenging (and likely deadly) adventure for 7th level player groups of 3 to 5 players with some deadly encounters. However, ideally The Haunt 3 is tailored as a medium difficulty adventure with plenty of excitement, horror, suspense and danger for an 8th level party of 4 to 5 players. Contact P.B. Publishing via the following:Twitter: @pbpublishing1Email: pbpublishing@outlook.comFacebook: See also: The Big Book of Horrors Horror-themed player options for the world's greatest roleplaying game Available in 78 page Softcover Premium Print! Other Titles by P.B. Publishing and nbsp; and nbsp; and nbsp; and nbsp; and nbsp; and nbsp; and nbsp; and nbsp; and nbsp; and nbsp; and nbsp; and nbsp; and nbsp; and nbsp; and nbsp; and nbsp; and nbsp; and nbsp; and nbsp; and nbsp; and nbsp; and nbsp; and nbs

  • BEHOLD! Liar's Night

    Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild"Ah yes. Well! Adventurers! Adventures are here, here at my very own home. And on Liar's Night, of all nights! Did you think I would not have expected you? Did you think I did not prepare for this? Do you believe, as you may, that I have crawled inside this carved gourd because I had let my guard down? Ha! Ha. Haaaa. You see, this is all happening exactly as I have planned it. You never had a chance! Wait? What's that? Candy... for Liar's Night? Oh! I see. Yes, yes... of course. You are here, for the candy. Well! Behold the Beholder, it should not be said, is not prepared for such things. I have gnomish chocolate gum-drops for each of you. Do not ask about the gnomes. Do not. Take these chocolates, take them! And beware, there are many dangers out here tonight. Strange creatures prowl the town, dread curses sweep over the land, there is murder in the streets, and even the festivities have an air of danger to them! Be careful, small ones, for it is Liars' Night. And mischief loves a good adventure." and nbsp; and nbsp; and nbsp; and nbsp; and nbsp; and nbsp; and nbsp; and nbsp; and nbsp; and nbsp; and nbsp; and nbsp; and nbsp; and nbsp; and nbsp; and nbsp; and nbsp; and nbsp; and nbsp; and nbsp; and nbsp; and nbsp; and nbsp; and nbsp; and nbsp; and nbsp; and nbsp; and nbsp; and nbsp; and nbsp; and nbsp; and nbsp; and nbsp; and nbsp; and nbsp; and nbsp; and nbsp; and nbsp; and nbsp; and nbsp; and nbsp; and nbsp; and nbsp; and nbsp; and nbsp; and nbsp; and nbsp; and nbsp; and nbsp; and nbsp; and nbsp; and nbsp; and nbsp; and nbsp; and nbsp; and nbsp; and nbsp; and nbsp; and nbsp; and nbsp; and nbsp; and nbsp; --Behold, the beholder The digital edition of BEHOLD! Liar's Night includes: 5+ Bone-Chilling Adventures for Adventurers, and nbsp;and more to come and hellip; [See and nbsp;SPECIAL EVENT] Custom Liar's Night Tables, including and hellip; Frightening Familiars Spooktacular Spells Macabre Magic Items Terrifying Trinkets Monstrous Madnesses and more to come and hellip; [See SPECIAL EVENT] Custom Artwork Full-color, 56-page PDF Printer Friendly PDF (Coming Soon!) SPECIAL EVENT: OCTOBER 2019 Throughout the month of October 2019, we will be providing additional content unlocks (as we achieve DMsGuild metals), including more Alarming Adventures and Terrifying Tables (High Tier Content? Wild Magic Table? Random Encounters? You'll just have to stick around and see...) The price of the anthology will increase as we unlock additional content BUT if you purchase now, you will automatically receive the additional content for FREE as it becomes available. Is there something you want to see? Let us know in a DMsGuild Review or on Twitter (@emilyjeasmith, with #BEHOLD)!

  • College of Nightmares

    Publisher: Dungeon Masters GuildWhile most Bards make a name for themselves singing songs of valor and telling stories of inspiration, there are some who find their magic in the macabre. Bards who study at the College of Nightmares bring to life horrors that haunt the night. Their words cause fear and alter reality, leaving their listeners broken and mad. They spread their stories in order that people remember there are horrors in the world to be feared. and nbsp; Though when one spends their life learning of the horrors of the world, one often becomes like the terrors they warn against and hellip; The College of Nightmares is a 5e supplement to be used in conjunction with the rules for Bards found in the Players Handbook, as well as rules found in the Dungeon Master's Guide.

  • Wouter's Worldly Wunderkammer

    Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild100 magical items to take with you on any low level adventure! roll 1d100 to see what you get or handpick the perfect item! Tried and tested over many many sessions, they will add excitement to your game. and nbsp; With just a couple of (funny) exceptions all these items are actually useful despite being ok even for level 1 players, and will actually see use in your sessions. This is and nbsp; an essential pay-as-you-want module to get. It is setting agnostic and can be used in any campaign or one shot that is ok with magic items being commonplace. Get it for free, or pay if you want. Either way, let me know how it goes 🙂 A rough version of this list was published as an appendix of my one shot "The Curse of Faeriewell", but I now reworked the description of nearly all the items (and made some minor tweaks) as well as edited everything nicely with a picture for each of them (100 pictures! that is a lot!). If you need an adventure to test these items in have a look at my other products for a couple free ones. One last thing: consider getting this product for 0 USD now and to come back later (if it was fun to use) to repurchase it for some money. This would be the perfect way, for me, to get your support and it would let me know that I should keep writing modules 🙂 You can also follow me on twitter @marcomiki or instagram @markasmiki so please come around to say hi!

  • The Elemental Spellbook: 80 Spells of Ice, Fire, and Lightning

    Publisher: Dungeon Masters GuildWelcome to the Elemental Spellbook, a compendium of 80 (yes, 80!) original ice, fire, and lightning spells across every spell level! This compendium contains enough spells that (when combined with the and nbsp;PHB) you can create a spellcaster focused on a single element and never have to learn an off-theme spell for your entire 20-level career. And these aren't just blasting spells: you can preserve yourself in cryostasis, spy through fireplaces, short-circuit other spells with an EMP blast, and much, much more! The Elemental Spellbook is for you if: You've ever wanted to play a caster devoted to a single element You're a DM who'd like to include more elemental magic in your adventures You want to see elemental magic do more than just deal typed damage You just plain old want more options for your spellcasting As with all of my content, this is a living document. I will take feedback to heart, and any future revisions will be freely available to anyone who has already purchased this spellbook. Happy spell-slinging!