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  • A Storm's Pact

    Publisher: Dungeon Masters GuildSet in The Spine of The World, a party is blinded by a storm that appears as if out of nowhere. Pushing forward they stumble into a Goliath Barbarian village and told that the storm is plaguing this region and they desperately want help investigating the cause. Will your party answer the call? Can they find out what, or who, is causing terror over the mountains?

  • Fantasy Grounds Portals

    Publisher: Dungeon Masters GuildThis is a module for the Fantasy Grounds VTT. PORTALS When it comes to playing D and amp;D, a lot of time is expended moving characters between maps. The Portals extension allows you to define areas on a map that link to other areas on the same map or on different maps. Whenever a PC or NPC steps on a portal, the extension will either prompt the user about moving to the linked location or it will teleport them instantly based on the portal and rsquo;s configuration. A single portal can link to multiple portals or it can be an exit-only portal making the teleport a one-way trip. The Portals extension supports the Fantasy Grounds CoreRPG ruleset and any ruleset that builds upon it.

  • Masters of the Mind: Brain Golem

    Publisher: Dungeon Masters GuildDeep in the underdark you hear it. The steady sound of something wet thumping and slapping against the stone floor as it steadily progresses towards you. and nbsp;Just as you see it your mind feels like it's set on fire. We at Black Crown Games are pleased to present you a sample of our upcoming product Masters of the Mind: The book of Illithid. In this book DM's will find a blast from the past! The Brain Golem! Over the years there have been a LOT of signature monsters in D and amp;D that have been utilized by the mind flayers. While they have a great aresenal in 5th edition, a lot has yet to be carried over from previous editions. At black crown games we love our tentacle faced friends, and feel that our surpreme mind flayer overlords should be allowed to bring their friends to family dinner too. In this pdf you will find one monster statblock for the brain golem.

  • The Great Cold Patron

    Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild and nbsp;An Ice Themed Warlock Patron Looking to play a Warlock that gains their powers from a being that is Frost incarnate? Want to have a spectral snowy owl companion that only you can see? Want to utilize Cold damage to the fullest? ...Wanna serve a master who'se not afraid to let it go with ice th(m)emes? Then the Great Cold Patron might just be what you're looking for!

  • Daerdan's Class Feats | Volume II

    Publisher: Dungeon Masters GuildOne Hundred and Three Feats to Further Distinguish Your PC! Daerdan's Class Feats returns for its second volume, providing another 103 class-specific feats to flesh out your character. Average. Each class is represented with at least five feats, with an average of eight per class. Some require a character to be of a specific subclass, whereas others can be taken by any PC of that class. Design Philosophy. A feat is a hefty cost to an adventurer, but paying that price promises greater reward. Whereas Class Feats Volume I concerned itself with shoring up defenses and patching preexisting flaws, Volume II goes full steam ahead on providing new playstyles for the adventurer. No class fantasy is too niche! Breakdown. and nbsp;Volume II consists of the following: Barbarians (6): Honor the Giant Lords of olde or smash through traps unabated! Master the art of the sipahi and take to the battlefield as a mounted terror! Bard (5): You can dance if you want to! You can leave your friends behind! The coryphee's art is magical by its very nature! Harness the silent magics of the mime! Cleric (6): Pay homage to the war deity or purge nonbelievers! Druid (6): Master the monstrous forms forsaken by all but the most desperate druids! Adopt a druidic mantle, such as Ash or Wind! Fighter (8): Bolster your Second Wind feature with group charges or last stands! Monk (5): Unleash the Art of the Hidden Dragon upon your enemies or heal your allies through the Art of the Jade Mist! Paladin (10): Pummel your foes with the Crusader's Fist or smite foes from afar with the Spear of God! Ranger (16): Utilize your Favored Enemy feature to gain new spells and unique abilities! Rogue (7): The whip and scimitar are finally in the hands of the rogue, as is the occupation as a battle-field medic! Sorcerer (8): Channel the fiery emotions of rage into your spellcasting or bolster allies by reminding them what it is they fight for! Warlock (17): Further flesh out your patron's identity! Was your pact struck with a demon, devil, or yugoloth? Perhaps the Archfey is none other than a hag that has shared with you the secrets of coven magic! Wizard (9): Transmute your body to become a muscle wizard! Pit the force of necromancy to heal, rather than harm! Other Materials. Class Feats references or grants spells found in and nbsp;Xanathar's Guide to Everything and the Sword Coast Adventurer's Guide, thus requiring those supplements to make the most of this product! If you and nbsp;like what you see, check out my other work here on DMs Guild and follow me on Twitter (@Wyatt_Trull). You can also check out my website at! Player Options and amp; Encounters Encounters and amp; Adventures Curse of Strahd and nbsp; and nbsp; Waterdeep: Dragon Heist and nbsp; Waterdeep: Dungeon of the Mad Mage and nbs

  • Eberronicon: A Pocket Guide to the World

    Publisher: Dungeon Masters GuildFrom the team that brought you the Convergence Manifesto, Across Eberron presents the and hellip; This pocket guide for DMs, players, and content creators provides a concise overview of the fascinating world of Eberron. Within these pages, we've consolidated fifteen years of lore into one easy-to-read supplement. What and rsquo;s inside? Quick reference. Highlights setting distinctives and amp; summarizes the races, places, factions, and faiths of the Eberron setting. Dig deeper. Each topic has a note to "Learn More," pointing to the most helpful chapters and articles on the topic, each carefully selected from dozens of sourcebooks and articles. Keep setting secrets secret. We separate the major setting secrets from the main supplement in an appendix, allowing DMs to share Eberronicon with players without spoilers. Read all the things. Eberronicon includes an extensive bibliography spanning fifteen years of Eberron content, including sourcebooks, articles, and adventures to help you explore the world. Plus, we and rsquo;ve included summaries of each to easily find what you need. Bonus print-friendly version. Read it on your computer with beautiful full color art, or print out the handy no-pictures, text-only version, great for quick reference at the gaming table. Who and rsquo;s it for? Players creating characters, easily finding origins of interest, then diving into the official sourcebooks with our easy references. and nbsp; Dungeon Masters in the middle of a session, because you don and rsquo;t want to dig through a dozen books to find a single topic. Content creators seeking intriguing locations and nefarious enemies for their next adventure. Testimonials and ldquo; and rsquo;What do you mean warforged aren't clockwork? and rsquo;, and lsquo;The airships are steampunk, right? and rsquo;, and lsquo;So here's the character sheet for my duster-wearing gunslinge and mdash;what? No guns?? and rsquo; This primer is perfect for anyone playing in the Eberron campaign setting. Not only does it provide you with everything you need to know, but it and rsquo;s also a roadmap to learning deep lore and history. and rdquo; -Steve Fidler, electrum-bestselling creator of Prism: Light and amp; Magic. and ldquo;An amazing resource for creators and DMs! The citations and lists of sources are invaluable. and rdquo; -Imogen Gingell, platinum-bestselling creator of the School of Geometry. and ldquo;A handy resource for DMs to use for those on-the-fly History checks, or for anyone who wants a quick reference for all things Eberron. Why drink from a fire hose when you can enjoy the setting in bite-sized pieces? and rdquo; -Justice Arman, platinum-bestselling creator of Devil's Advocate: A Guide to Infernal Contracts. A glimpse inside! and nbsp; and nbsp; and nbsp; and nbsp; and nbsp; and nbsp; and nbsp; and nbsp; You can preview all player content for FREE by clicking on the Full Preview link and mdash;the only things left out are the DM appendices at end. After all, we wouldn and rsquo;t want to spoil the cause of the Mourning, would we? Enjoy Eberronicon? Don and rsquo;t miss Across Eberron and rsquo;s bestselling 13-episode adventure path, Convergence Manifesto.

  • How The Lich Stole Christmas

    Publisher: Dungeon Masters GuildYou and rsquo;re a foul one, Mr. LichYour flesh smells like decayFor the crimes you have committedThere will be hell to payWhen the heroes come to save Christmas Day How The Lich Stole Christmas and nbsp;is a short 3-4 hour one shot holiday adventure for characters of all levels. The encounters include variations for adventuring parties of each tier of play. The story unfolds through melodic rhymes that are certain to get the players into the spirit of the adventure. Does your party have it what it takes to save Christmas? The door flew wide open, in blew the cold. and nbsp;A young girl stepped in, confident and bold. and nbsp;"I escaped from the bad things, I know where they are!Inside of the mountain, it isn't too far."Her parents embraced her, she was hugged and was kissed,But the rest of the children were still being missed."Hello, strangers," the girl said. "You look quite brave.Would you please help rescue my friends held in the cave?" This adventure includes: Scalable encounters that make this adventure playable by characters of all levels. Kobolds in Christmas hats! The story told in a recognizable style that encourages the players to get in on the fun by creating their own rhymes. Mad snowmen, an original creature presented with four separate stat blocks for each tier of play. An original puzzle for the players to solve in order to accomplish their final goal. Combat encounters that include different enemies, tactics, and mechanics based on tier of play. A unique magic item presented as a reward to parties who complete the quest.

  • The incredible world of Doors and Locks

    Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild Have you ever thought to yourself and ldquo;Huh, I really want a D and amp;D supplement specifically about doors and rdquo;... no? just me? Well then, this is awkward... I have one, like, right here, and I was going to tell you all about it, and you and rsquo;d be excited, and so would I. But it and rsquo;s okay, don and rsquo;t worry, I and rsquo;ll just be here, with my supplement... about doors... that you don and rsquo;t care about. Oh, come on! Who hasn and rsquo;t thought about a door supplement?! Well, you know what? I and rsquo;m going to assume that you want it and tell you all about it anyway. And there and rsquo;s nothing you can do about that because this is not a two-way communication system. Sooooo, anyhow... This is a supplement about doors an locks, but really, it and rsquo;s about presenting a way of thinking about structural elements to better present narrative characteristics about its context, focusing on doors and their respective locks because they allow me to move the argument from one to another without having to make things complicated. Also, there are tables wherever I could fit them because I really like tables. The supplement is meant as a narrative assistance tool and, while it does contain some rules, it and rsquo;s not as rigid as you might be accustomed to. In it, you and rsquo;ll find many different ways to enhance your entrances, some clever ways to create challenges out of them, as well as guidelines for if you ever find the tables lacking. Everything neatly packed into a rigorously designed document (seriously, this took me a while to make). All in all, I hope you find my work interesting, and as something worth reading! See? It wasn and rsquo;t so bad now, was it? And you laughed at me... well, to be honest, I was going for that, so you and rsquo;re not to blame here. Anyhow, you made it to the end, thanks for that. Here's a really low-quality preview as a reward: All joking aside, I know how it feels to not be able to afford something you like, believe me, I do. If you ever find yourself in a situation in which you can and rsquo;t afford any of my work and you still want it, @ me on twitter (@NirDine). I and rsquo;ll see what I can do for you. Toodles.

  • Living Spellbook (5e)

    Publisher: Dungeon Masters GuildDeep in the Mournland, a breed of unusual life scours the scarred terrain, exerting its magical influence over the darkened world... and nbsp;living spells, and nbsp;the arcane children of a magical calamity so great it could grant sentience to even the most fleeting of mystical incantations. "Living Spellbook" is a collection of 64 new living spells for your campaigns, Eberron and otherwise. The book also contains guidelines for creating living spells of your own, including spells of 6th-level and higher. UPDATE HISTORY V1.1: Fixed the CR of "Living Cone of Cold" from CR1 to CR7 (thanks to Peter S. for pointing out this typo!)

  • Mordenkainen’s Fiendish Folio, Volume 1: Monsters Malevolent and Benign

    Publisher: Wizards of the CoastCrawling from the darkest recesses of D and amp;D and rsquo;s history comes a ferocious menagerie of monsters malevolent and benign! These creatures first appeared in the Fiend Folio for first edition AD and amp;D. Now, thanks to your support of Extra Life, they enter the world of fifth edition D and amp;D. All proceeds from this product are to be contributed to ExtraLife. You and nbsp;can head to the and nbsp;D and amp;D page on Extra Life and nbsp;to find out more. About Extra Life: Extra Life unites thousands of gamers around the world to play games in support of their local Children's Miracle Network Hospital. Since its and nbsp;inception and nbsp;in 2008, Extra Life has raised more than $30 million for sick and injured kids. Sign up today and dedicate a day of play for kids in your community!