My name is Derek Ruiz, I have been a D&D and GURPS player and DM for over 16 years. I started playing Advanced D&D but quickly moved to 3rd edition. I started DMing shortly afterwards and have been since then. I’ve played and DMed 3rd, 4th, and 5th edition D&D.  I love my craft and live for this game, roleplaying gives us a chance to live other lives and experiment to our minds content.

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I love to craft dungeon tiles, accessories, but above all, drawing maps and RPG content, the pictures in the site show the things that I have crafted over the years.  I post new original content regularly. Most of it about RPG maps and campaign guides for the Dungeons and Dragons game, although my maps and illustrations are system agnostic.


I publish content that is useful to craft adventures or to get them moving. I believe that good storytelling is important. Adventure seeds and one-shot encounters or adventures are things that I post often.


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