283 Cave Complex + PSD File (48×30 squares)

Hi there! Denizens of the Tower!

I recently did this underground cave complex map. There is a shallow stream of spring water passing through the place. Someone has split the stream artificially to water a fungi farm. The rest of the complex features sparse details but it is clear that the place is a mining place of sorts. There are a few oil lamps, tools, wheelbarrows, etc.

You’ll find the map pack here. It includes gridded, ungridded, labeled, and unlabeled versions of the map. B/W versions are also there if you want to print for cheap. The illustration is 48×30 and should upload fine to Roll20 and other VTTs. You’ll also find my source PSD file for the map too in a separate zip folder. Contrary to other releases, this one features no lore/adventure ideas.

This release is set public to share with you and your friends. This is only possible thanks to the support I get from hundreds of people here in Patreon. If you like my style and the stuff I write, consider chipping in and get all the goodies here.

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