117 – Well Hideout


Good day my friends ! Denizens of the Tower.

Here’s a map the way I did a lot a few months ago, with isometric and topdown view. This is a hideout, warehouse or lair hidden down the well shaft. Perfect for a band of thieves or criminals, I believe this is best used with critters that could easily climb up and down like tabaxis or any other with climbing abilities.

The well goes down 60 ft. to an underground pond, two storage rooms are built from the ground itself.

I’d also like to thank the folks who recently subscribed to my Patreon page ! You all rock. An announcement. I’ll be moving to another city pretty soon but as soon as I’m back to business as usual, I’m planning to do the collaboration dungeon one more time, I’ll post a poll about it today on Patreon too. Make sure you take a part in it this time, if you missed the other one.

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