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Hello, friends, supporters, collaborators, players and creators. This website was recently nominated for the Ennie Awards. Last year I earned a silver medal for Best Website.

This year my website is competing in two categories, “Best Blog” and “best Website”. The awards are decided by public vote, and that is the reason for this message.

If you like my stuff and have enjoyed some of my maps or written content. Please visit the Ennie’s voting website and vote for Elven Tower. There are a lot of categories. I’m in best blog and best website. Please vote in both of them.

IMPORTANT - It gives you the option of voting 1-5. The number 1 is the highest. Please vote 1.



It’s finally here ! thanks for waiting and keeping faith. Also thanks again to the people who participated. You’ll see yourselves credited for in the contributors page.
This collaborative dungeon was an awesome idea and be sure I will do it again very soon. I learned a lot from creating this one. If you didn’t get to participate in this one, do not worry, it will happen again sometime this month probably.
The release includes:
  • Regular PDF
  • Printer Friendly PDF
  • Full resolution DM map
  • Full resolution PC map with no numbers or secret rooms.
  • Roll20 map 40×41

This supplement is released in PDF format plus the maps and it’s all free as promised. Please share this link with your RPG friends and spread the word about what I do on Patreon. You can Download Here:

Get a Free Elven Tower PDF
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